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QotW: What Do You Know About Your Local Radio Station?

We are all anxiously awaiting new music from Kris - and when it comes, we're going to be ready to promote it like crazy with our local radio stations, right? Well, in an effort to get ready for that, your regional team leaders have been helping us compile information about stations around the US.


Check out what we've come up with so far!


Now - here's where we need your help. We know there's stuff that we can add to this list - new stations, more details, etc. So check out the list, then check in with your Regional Team and let your team leader know what updates you have!

Blue Team 

Purple Team 

Green Team

Yellow Team

Red Team


And Gray Team - we haven't forgotten about you - we're just not sure the best way to approach radio play internationally. So we need your help coming up with a plan. Got some ideas? Share your ideas here!


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