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QotW: What do you think about the "Thank You Camellia" song previews?

This week saw "Thank You Camellia" (Deluxe Version) hit iTunes Preview, giving Kris fans the chance to listen to 90 second snippets of all 14 tracks!

We want to know...which one is your favorite?  Which were you most surprised by?  Which are you most looking forward to hearing the full version of?  If you had favorites based on media from Kris's show at The Mint, have these favorites now changed after hearing the studio snippets?

Let us know your thoughts in the comments below and join us on Thursday at 7 PM Pacific/10 PM Eastern for our regular LP Live Chat to discuss further!

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Comment by Marissa on May 1, 2012 at 1:30pm

Well, I was definitely satisfied and extremely happy with all of the snippets. <33

My favorite would probably have to be Rooftops, because it has an awesome 'chill' sound to it. It's very fun to sing along to, which is very un-avoidable, jussayin.

The one I was surprised at was actually Monster. I mean obviously I like the song, I just didn't expect it to sound like that. I really can't even describe it...although someone said I guess that one could work ;)

Of course I've been looking forward to the studio version of Leave You Alone for a long time. Because I adore it, and it's the best song ever...along with all the other ones. So I'm looking most forward to hearing the rest of it for sure.

When Kris did the show at The Mint, my automatic favorites were Better With You, Out Alive, and Monster. Hearing the snippets didn’t really change my opinion, just added a lot more absolute favorites to the list!!! <3

Comment by Omnaya on May 1, 2012 at 12:48pm

I love 'em all !! 

am so proud of how all the songs turned out. I literally have a new favorite every hour. 

Thank You Camellia is gonna be HUGE !

Comment by dy77 on May 1, 2012 at 6:56am

Rooftops is my new jam. Well at least the snippet is. :D

Still love Better With You. I've been making a playlist on Spotify of beachy-sounding music for this summer and that one will go on it once the full version is released.

I honestly loved all the snippets and can't wait for the album/CD/mp3 files to arrive on May 22!

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