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Hopefully all of you were able to attend our exclusive members only live chat with “Kris Friggin Allen” on Thursday night. If you weren’t or you just want to relive the magic, here’s a recap of sorts.

Let’s start with the question everyone wanted the answer to: When will his 2nd album drop? Kris says he’s in LA now, working with different people & narrowing the list of songs down to the ones he feels are best for the album. He says things are moving along, but it’ll be sometime in the new year before anything (single/album) is released.

He went onto say there’s no album title yet & no single picked yet, but he has a few in mind. As for “bonus” songs, Kris says there will probably be some floating around after the album drops.
Fans can also look forward to the possibility of an acoustic album…after the 2nd album.

We also learned that the KAB may play on a song or two for the album…but all the guys should be back for the tour.

When asked if he was happy to be with RCA, Kris said yes and that “a little change is good.”

One fan asked about the song Kris wrote that ended up on Matt Morrison’s album. She wanted to know if it’s hard for him to let songs go. Kris says it’s actually very exciting. He wasn’t going to use the song, but he’s glad that it’s out there & people can listen to it. “It’s almost a little more of a high to watch it on the charts and listen to other people’s voice on it.”

On his favorite band he toured with, Kris says the guys from GRO were cool and they probably got to know them the best, but he says nothing can beat playing shows with Keith Urban.


Some other fun tidbits from the chat: “Leave You Alone” might be more like a prequel to “Is It Over” than a sequel, if Kris could describe himself in 3 words it would be “dude that sings”, Zorro will be a devil for Halloween and a spork is the baby of a fork and a spoon.

Kris ended the chat saying that he’d love to chat more with us “when some things are more sussed out with the album info” so yay, that’s something we can all look forward to!

If you want to read the entire transcript of the chat, including Kris’s T-Rex dreams, what game show he’d love to be on, how the songwriting process has changed for him since writing for his debut album, how he’d describe his new album, and much more, click here.

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