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QotW: What are your thoughts on the Show at The Mint??

There was so much musical goodness to be had last Thursday as Kris debuted some of his new music at The Mint.

We want to hear your thoughts! What was your instant favorite song? Which song has snuck up on you the more you listen/watch? What song has you the most excited? What do you think about the changes to some of the songs we've already heard? Should a 'girl pop medley' become a regular addition to Kris's set list?

Need a little inspiration?

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Comment by Linda Parish on February 16, 2012 at 1:03pm

It has been almost a week since Kris' show and I am still saying WOW, WOW and WOW!  It is hard to pick a favorite and I am having the same situation as others where different songs are swimming in my head at the same time.  If I had to choose, I would pick Better With You and I really like Stand for the Vision of Love.  I finally was able to hear all the words of VOL since I had a hard time hearing them on the dance re-mix.  What an inspirational song!  I also love Teach Me How Love Goes.  I loved seeing Kris, Cale and Torres. They alway put on such a fun show!  I will never forget the "chessar cat" smile Kris had on his face when we were singing along on Better With You. 

My "Kris Allen Meets Mickey" shirt is now retired.  I brought it to the show and told Kris that I had washed and worn it so many times his face was "all cracked up" and faded on the picture. He laughed and autographed it for me along with a card my granddaughter and I made which has the question he asked me the first time he saw my shirt in Las Vegas.  The shirt and card will now be framed.

i am so excited for Kris and cannot wait for the single and album to come out.  I sure hope many more of Kris' fans get to see him perform live.  It is an "out of world" experience.

Comment by je5816 on February 15, 2012 at 7:16pm

I loved all the vids from the show at the mint.  Again, so jealous of all who were there!!! But I have listened to all the new songs numerous times and really love all the songs!! I can hardly wait to hear the album and really can't wait until I can go to a live concert!  I am anxious to hear how the production of all these songs sound.  I absolutely love Better With You and maybe am wishing that it is the first that even possible since VOL is on the PSA? I do love VOL also though and find both of these songs swimming around in my head and am finding myself singing both of these during the day!  I loved seeing Kris perform again. He looked sooo happy especially when he asked everyone to sing along with the ohhhs  to Better With You.    I loved his changes to LLWD- that was fun to hear- as well as the old new songs.  Out Alive and  Monster were also great.  I love the slower songs also, but find that at the concerts I love the fast paced ones more.  Thanks so much for sharing all the pics, vids and mp3s with makes the waiting somewhat bearable!   

Comment by Diane on February 15, 2012 at 6:05pm

I have been listening to these songs non stop since the vids went up. I have them on my ipod and burned to a cd in my car. I seriously love them all. I think Out Alive is my favorite but only by a little, because did I mention that I love them all!.

"We can run, we can hide, we can show off our guns and put on a fight. If it's love hold on tight, hold on tight, and maybe we'll make it out alive."

Seriously though I love every lyric in that song, they're incredible.

Better With You is an instant earworm and I find myself humming it all the time.

Monster is incredibly dark and sexy-I can't wait to heat the production on that one.

I just want to hear all of them right now. This album is going to be fantastic and Kris is going to blow people away with it.

I was afraid I wouldn't like the new stuff as much as KATA but I'm not worried anymore.

Also I hope My Weakness makes the album too because I love that one too.

Comment by Emjay Huston on February 15, 2012 at 3:54pm

I'm fighting just copying and pasting Julie's comment, 'cause really, everything she said is how I felt too. 

Instant favorite at the show was Better With You, along with the chorus of Monster.  It was so awesome to hear people (including myself) already singing along to Vision of Love (a testament to it's undeniable catchy-ness), as well as quickly learning the melody to the "oh oh oh oh's" in Better With You.  Snippets of several of the songs were running around in my head following the show, and my face was hurting from pretty much spending the whole concert with a big, fat, unshakeable grin on my face.

Now I'm back home, I've set about learning all the lyrics.  Favs at the moment are... this part from Monster:

So listen close I got a dirty little secret
The kind that takes away the air you try to breathe in
You won't believe it
Until you feel it
If your love is blind I guess that's why you didn't see it

(I also LOVE how the verses go right into the chorus, hardly skipping a beat... it gives the song a real urgency that I'm just so excited by).

The melody that accompanies these lyrics in Out Alive is so haunting and beautiful:

This city's gonna break your heart
It's gonna leave you colder
Bright lights tearing us apart
It's gonna hurt all over

(And I really love the lines that end on "maybe we'll make it" without the "out alive" at the end.)

I could gush on and on... but suffice to say there are so many earworms here, I am almost beside myself with excitement for the new album!!!  

Comment by Emily P on February 15, 2012 at 8:46am

I have to pick a favorite? whyyyy

Monster is the one currently stuck in my head.

Better With You is the one I'll always be the one I'm trying to figure exactly what song it reminds me of

Teach Me How Love Goes is (will be?) the one I love best live, I think.

Out Alive is probably my favorite lyrically.

The old new songs:

Vision of Love is the one that will sneak up on my playlist without me realizing (hello Allison's Robot Love, how did you get here?)

You've Got Away is the one that will make me sigh every damn time

Leave You Alone will be the one I'm tempted to put on all my fanmixes

KTDO will be the one I jam to and play when I need to smile

(Also the girl pop medley was perfection. I love his mashups, because his musicality really shines in how he puts songs together)

Comment by Kathy T on February 15, 2012 at 7:49am

I'm not feeling eloquent enough to say anything but 'What Julie said...'. Seriously!

No doubt that Better With You was my instant favorite. But the coolest thing is that everything I heard is still on shuffle in my head. Snippets of everything come and go... the awesome new breakdown at the end of LLWD, the additions to the old-new songs, the vibe and swagger of Monster (that drumbeat with the OOHs!), lines from Vision of Love, Out Alive, Teach Me How Love Goes.

Basically, this means that my brain is a musically confusing place to be right now... but I love it!

I don't wanna run

I don't wanna hide

When someone needs somebody

I don't wanna say

I don't got the time

When someone needs somebody

With a little faith

and a little soul

we can't go wrong

we can't go wrong!

Comment by Julie on February 14, 2012 at 10:59pm

I was so happy with the new music - I loved it all, it's clear that Kris is happy and loves it; I can't wait to hear this album!  I loved the mood of Monster, great way to open the show.  Better With You was my "out of body" experience for the night, the opening was stunning and the whole song was pure joy, big hit.

Out Alive was haunting and gorgeous, yet another inspirational song from Kris that I will turn to when I need a lift.  I loved the additions to Leave You Alone.  I've always loved You Got A Way, and it was delivered with beautiful soul.  Same with Shut That Door, I adore this song and hope this means it's a regular album track.

Teach Me How Love Goes was lovely, go Krale!  I'm running out of adjectives, but really, each song was exquisitely constructed, offering a fulfilling variety.  Love, love, loved seeing Kris at the piano for Vision of Love.  The falsetto is heaven.  The lyrics are so heartfelt and again, inspirational.  The changes to LLWD were a hoot, he should definitely continue to have fun with it.

Obviously we went in as avid Kris fans, but still, to instantly connect to a new slate of songs, and be singing along to them before they're half over, and to walk away with the big goofy grins we all had, is a testament to the promise of this album, did I mention I can't wait??  And I hope and trust, with Kris's increased involvement, that whatever production is layed on these for the album will not erase the essence of each that we fell in love with here. 

Comment by Volveras on February 13, 2012 at 9:36pm
The show was fantastic! I was so proud of him and especially excited about the direction he is taking his music.

Favorite instant song? Hands down "Teach Me How Love Goes". The beautiful harmonies and melody is reminiscent of the amazing Neil Finn. I just hope he keeps it pure and not weighed down with guitars,which he loves.

Which song has snuck up on you the more you listen/watch?
I'd say Vision Of Love as I didn't think much of it at first but it continues to grow on me.Better get used to it if I'll be hearing it on the radio.

What song has you the most excited?
All of them actually!!

Should a 'girl pop medley' become a regular addition to Kris's set list?
Yes, as long as he replaces that redundant song "We Found Love". I'd personally love to her his spin on a Adele song. Jus' sayin'... :-)
Comment by Ginny T on February 13, 2012 at 8:47pm

The show was absolutely fantastic. It blew me away.  The days after the show could not contain my excitement of being part of the crowd that heard the new music from Kris.  I shot video, but was glad to get the songs as mp3 so I could hear the songs over and over.  I had assumed that many of the new songs would from the demo "leaks" and was suprise that most were not except for VOL.  But, the songs that Kris picked to play were even better (if that is possible) than I could have anticipated.  Kris is such a great singer/songwriter.  All the songs were epic, but "Monster" was a suprise for me and I really like it.  The song "Better with you" became my second favorite song. But to tell you the truth I am loving them all expecially the ones that are growing on me like "Out Alive".  The Mint was a great place to hear Kris,Torres and Cale.  Loved the intimate atmosphere.  And, I got a signed postcard, the setlist and a hug from Kris what could be better than that as a Kris Fan.  :-D Yeah!

Comment by Marissa on February 13, 2012 at 7:58pm

So, I gotta say, think I was more excited about this show than any other ones from last year! I think it's mostly because I knew we we would most likely be getting some new stuff, and plus we had a lot of awesome people who went and got the rest of the goods! ;)


So, the songs I first fell in love with were definitely 'Out Alive' and 'Better With You' not to mention the excitement of finally hearing 'Vision of Love'. Also, I love the added lyrics on LYA, and the switch up to LLWD. <33 Overall, I think it was a really awesome show, and it was so great seeing them together again :D

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