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Time to get excited! Kris tweeted last night that "The Vision Of Love" will be available to stations on 3/6/12. Meaning, it's time to begin our radio requesting efforts! Please use this post as a guide for requesting TVOL to your local stations. We will try to keep this updated with polls, adds, spins & all radio related tid-bits within our region.


    • Call In
    • Call in to your local stations and request TVOL. Be sure to stay friendly and don't mention you are part of a Street Team. 
    • Twitter
    • Send a tweet to your local station requesting TVOL. Take a soft approach to request. Use comments like "can't wait to hear The Vision of Love on XXX" or "Hope you'll start playing Kris Allen's new song soon. I love it!".
    • Facebook
    • Be sure to 'Like' your favorite station on FB and keep up with any Kris related posts/polls they have. You can leave a casual comment on their wall stating you'd "Love to hear TVOL on the radio!" or thanking them for playing it!
    • Official Radio Station Website
    • Many stations have forms on their websites for requesting. This is a great way to get your requests in, but please remember to stick to stations in your area.
    • Mediabase Forms
    • Find the 'Mediabase Form' cell on our Radio List document, find your local stations and request TVOL. If the song is not listed you can fill it in yourself at the bottom.
    • E-mail
      • Some stations encourage emails as a way of requesting. Use the same guides mentioned above for sending e-mails.
    • Text
    • Radio stations have been using texting as a way of receiving song requests. Check your local station's rules and guidelines for texting before submitting your requests.
Overall, get to know your local stations and get a feel for how they work. Use the tools they provide for requesting TVOL. However, try not to overwhelm them with requests. Keep requests down to 2-3x a week per station if they have yet to add TVOL to their rotation. Once it's been added, a daily request should be okay!


Here we will list the stations in our region that have added TVOL to their rotation.       (Click the stations call letters to visit their website!)

Station          Format          Market

        WCDA          Hot AC          Lexington, KY
       WINK           Hot AC          FT. Myers, FL






Here we will list any polls, song challenges etc. We encourage you to only participate in polls within your area.


  1. Mix 105.1 (Orlando-Hot AC) What do you think of TVOL? Vote HERE.

Remember not to get frustrated or discouraged if your favorite station isn't playing TVOL right away, it'll take time. Have patience & stay positive!

We will continue updating this post as more info becomes available. Feel free to tweet us at @YellowPawns or leave a comment below with any polls, tweets, or FB posts that we could include here.

"With a little faith & a little soul, we can't go wrong. We can't go wrong."

-Kris Allen 'The Vision Of Love'

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I have requested TVOL to some of the Florida stations & I've gotten back some feedback via Twitter!

@Yendiders @979WRMF @KrisAllen thanks for the request!

Hopefully they will start playing it soon! :)


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