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Hey everyone! With Kris' 2nd album on the way, it's almost time to start requesting songs & doing some promo. So, I wanted to get our team reconnected and organized. 

First off, if you live in FL, GA, OH, KY, MI, NC, SC, or TN then you've come to the right place! :D Let's get started!

ETA: We have recently created Team Twitter accounts! So, feel free to follow @YellowPawns on Twitter for updates on radio promo, events & more in our reagion! 

Reconnect With Radio

I would like for all of you to start reconnecting with your favorite radio stations and/or DJ's in your area. Follow them on twitter or like them on Facebook; that way you know how to reach them when it comes time to request Kris' single.

Also, get to know the station: What format are they? Top 40, HAC, AC etc? Are they monitored? How can you send your request: email, form, twitter, phone call? For some 411 on the Radio Interaction Do's & Don'ts please read this post.

Get to Know Your Team Members! 

Reply to this thread and let us know a little bit about yourself.
-Name/twitter name/email
-What stations do you listen to in your area?
-What venue would you like to see Kris perform in, in your area?
-Ever seen Kris live? If so, tell us about it! 

I look forward to working with all of you in promoting Kris and his new music! Feel free, to voice any opinions or ideas you may come up with along the way in the Yellow Team discussion forum. As your team captain, you can contact me with any comments or questions you may have and I will help you to the best of my ability. You can tweet me at @yendiders or shoot me an email at

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Exciting news!  I just finished a remix of The Vision of Love for a contest on!  The prize is $2000 cash, beats by Dr Dre headphones and an autographed Kris cd - Kris is the judge!  The winning remix will be up for sale I believe... The deadline is April 19th and after that anyone can vote for their favorite remix! So please check out my dance remix of TVOL and be sure to help out and vote!!!! :-) As soon as the entries are posted I'll send a link!

Hi! I'm Amanda!

Twitter: @amandalovesfsu


Location: Tallahassee, Florida

I only live in Tallahassee for school (I go to Florida State), so it would be cool to see him play somewhere in Jacksonville, FL since that is the largest city near us. I'm originally from south FL, so I would love to see him play at House of Blues or Hard Rock in Orlando, as well as any place in Tampa or Ft. Lauderdale. Honestly, if he comes to FL, I'll see him. He came to Ft. Myers recently (which is near me), but I couldn't go. :( I've never seen Kris live, but I WILL someday! :)

Helloo Amanda!

Welcome to the Yellow Team! Make sure to check out our Radio Requesting guide for tips and tools to get The Vision Of Love on the radio. Also, familiarize yourself with our Forum and feel free to take part in our weekly Little Pawn chat on Thursday nights! We look forward to having you around! ;)

Kris actually has another show coming up in Boca Raton, FL on June 9th. I hope you are able to make it! 


Oh my gosh! I had no idea about a show in Boca! I'll definitely have to check that out! :D Thanks for mentioning it! :)

I'll check out the Radio Requesting guide for sure. :)

You're welcome!! :) It's a free concert hosted by 97.9 WRMF in West Palm Beach. The show will be located at Mizner Park in Boca at 6pm! More info here or at

Free! That's so awesome!! :D Thank you so much for the info! Made my night knowing that he's going to be down here soon! :) I'm definitely going to try my best to go! 

HI Amanda welcome and i agree Jacksonville or St. Augustine would be great as that's closer to me I live and dare I say this in Gator ok so maybe we aren't football friends but we agree on great music. anyways sorry for bad football but welcome to the site. XOXO

Hi Rebecca! :) 

and hahahaha! Yes we can definitely agree on great music! :D Even if we beat you guys in football two years in a row (so far) ;)

Jacksonville and St. Augustine would be so convenient! lol. I didn't even think about St. Augustine! lol

I only thought about it because I was there this weekend before Beryl ht but it would be so awesome if he came this way a lite closer so far i've missed him due to travel distance

Hay! Yellow pawns! Im not the moderator and I'm not stepping down. 



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