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Many of you have read this already, but for those of you that joined via a link or word of mouth...


Hello Fello Kris Fans,
First of all, thanks for responding to me via twitter and email about this idea! I really appreciate all your enthusiasm and offers for helping and I am sure that somewhere an all-knowing Kris Allen is smiling a mysterious smile and nodding slowly.  (Just kidding. What if Kris had mind powers? WHAT THEN?)
For those of you who don't know me, I'm Elle Higgins. I Live in Milwaukee, Wisconsin and I've been an active part of Kris Fandom since two weeks after he won Idol and I decided he wasn't such a bad guy after all. Yeah, that's right. REFORMED GLAMBERT ALERT. I'm still, and always will be, a huge Adam Lambert stan but I think - to be honest here - he's got his obsessive fanbase pretty well in line. Kris has a ton of fans, we know that, but we are not as connected as we should be.
There are Reasons for this. One is the generally laid-back nature of Kris fans. The old adage about pets-and-their-masters is not entirely inappropriate here. Another is silly fan wars. Hush, fangirls, you shouldn't be fighting anyway. Over the last two years, I've seen groups of fans resorting to tearing eachother down in front of Kris (on twitter) in order to... what, I don't know. It's sad, it's immature, and its a waste of energy. Yeah the Glamberts are over the top in their affection, but don't let anyone tell you they are not a family. They/we have eachother's backs and it's a crying shame it's not that way here. (All-knowing Kris Allen weeps silently.)
BUT IT CAN BE. And I want this project to help. OH GOD DO I WANT IT TO HELP. Over the last few days I've had the great fortune of brainstorming about this and I've been at several times moved to tears of frantic excitement at what could be possible if we all work together. To be honest, it doesn't take that much to make me cry in excitement. Sometimes I hear LLWD and I cry with excitement. I have a lot of feelings, okay!
So I was talking with my best pal Emjay about this, and she set me up with some cool people.  I want to introduce you guys to Emjay, Starr, Daniel, and Robin. We are going to try and make a feast from these crumbs. Daniel runs Kris Allen Addicts, Starr runs 14 Plums, Emjay writes for AI Now and has successfully co-run a fanclub for a british actor before with me so she knows how I work and how these things work, and Robin works for AI Now as well as KARK, a news station in Arkansas. I'm kind of the odd one out in this illustrious crew. Um... I...yeah. I do things. Mainly I hope you guys see me as a collaborator and a fan - that's what we all will be together!
Starr has set up a forum for us, and guys, it's Really Frickin' Cool. We've taken the liberty of naming it Little Pawns.right now, it's an UNofficial street team.  We hope to someday soon cast off the prefix and enlarge our scope. Tomorrow, you'll get an email from Little Pawns with a link and an invite to the website!
In the mean time, what can we, an Unofficial Street Team do? LOTS.
The biggest challenge for us right now is Radio. Please check out the "Radio" tab to read about our first project. My pal Nick has put some great things together about how Radio Works and how we can have the biggest impact.  I KNOW I KNOW you've all been requesting it like good fans but there is more we can do. How else do songs get absorbed into the public consciousness. Youtube. Facebook. Twitter. Sporting games. College Radio. We need to think outside the box, we need to think big but start small. Sometimes connections you have surprise you. I FOUND OUT LAST NIGHT MY OWN FATHER IS GOOD FRIENDS WITH THE PROGRAM DIRECTOR OF WMYX IN MILWAUKEE. HOW DID I NOT KNOW THIS???
I am sure you guys have ideas too - that's what this forum is for! Brainstorm! I've seen this fandom do AMAZING things. Let's do some more!
I also want to draw attention to an issue. I would like if we, as a team, could come up with a... sort of code of conduct for how we treat other fans on the internet and in real life. You get back what you give away. (see what i did there?) There might be someone on this list that's bugged you before, or someone who has been mean to you. Conversely, there might be someone you've bullied, intentionally or unintentionally. If we can all try and let things go and work together, I know some of those burned bridges can be rebuilt. It takes a life time. Or maybe a street team.
Lastly, tell your friends. We need more people. All are welcome and all are needed. 

Best regards,
Elle, Emjay, Daniel, Starr, and Robin

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Wow. Very well-written, Elle. I can feel your enthusiasm through every word, punctuation mark and sentence. I am soo hyped right now. Thanks for putting this up for all Kris Allen fans out there.


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