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Today is the official impact (adds) date for The Vision of Love on HAC!


As a reminder, here are the weekly deadlines for stations to report to Mediabase:


Hot AC:                3 p.m. Pacific Coast time, Mondays

Top 40:                 3 p.m., Pacific Coast time, Tuesdays


Here are the 13 Hot AC adds that TVOL got this week from monitored stations. This list will be updated if TVOL gets any Top 40 adds on Tuesday:


Station            Market             Market Rank       Owner            Spins LW       Date Added

KSCF-FM*      San Diego            17                CBS Radio             15             03/19

KBFF-FM         Portland, OR        23                Alpha Brdcstng       0              03/19

KMXB-FM*      Las Vegas            32               CBS Radio              11             03/19

WTSS-FM       Buffalo                 55               Entercom                0               03/19

KWYE-FM        Fresno                67                Peak Brdcstng         0               03/19

KPEK-FM         Albuquerque         68                Clear Channel        0              03/19

KSII-FM          El Paso                75                Townsquare            0              03/19

KLLY-FM         Bakersfield            77                Buckley Brd           0              03/19

WSTW-FM*     Wilmington, DE      79                Delmarva Brd        8             03/19   

KCIX-FM          Boise                 101                Peak Brd                0             03/19

WCDA-FM        Lexington, KY      103                L.M. Commun.        0            03/19

KLTG-FM         Corpus Christi      111                Tejas Brd              0             03/19

WSJO-FM        Atlantic City        145                Millenium Radio      0             03/19


*auto add


A reminder about adds: an “automatic” add means that a station spun the song 7+ times over the 7-day reporting period. It does not necessarily mean that it will put the song into any sort of regular rotation on its playlist – or even continue to spin it. A “manual” add comes when a station adds the song despite not spinning it at least 7 times during the reporting period. Manual adds are sometimes (but not always) an indication that the station will put the song in some sort of regular rotation.


Mediabase did update their data this week for the reporting stations that have switched formats. For example, WSTW will now have its spins counted as Hot AC, rather than Top 40. It also changed the number of monitored stations in the Hot AC and CHR formats:  Hot AC now has 95 monitored stations (up from 92) while CHR (Top 40) now has 155 monitored stations (down from 156).


TVOL received 40 spins from monitored stations last week. KSCF (San Diego), KMXB (Las Vegas), WSTW (Wilmington, DE) and WMMX (Dayton, OH) continue to lead the way in terms of being early supporters of TVOL.


Hot AC SPINS FROM Monitored Stations – Week Ending 3/17/12  (40 total)


15           KSCF-FM (San Diego)

11           KMXB-FM (Las Vegas)

  8           WSTW-FM (Wilmington, DE)

  3           WMMX-FM (Dayton, OH)

  1           WWMX-FM (Baltimore, MD)

  1           WKRQ-FM (Cincinnati, OH)

  1           Dial Global (syndicated service)


Here is how this past week compares to the previous week. Remember, however, that WSTW switching from Top 40 to Hot AC affects the Hot AC numbers positively and removes its Top 40 spins.


Hot AC


TW         LW         Move     AI

 40        13           +27       0.101 (+0.059)


CHR (Top 40)


TW         LW         Move     AI

   0          2           -2     0.000 (-0.002)

TVOL did not receive any spins from non-monitored stations that are tracked by Mediabase. However, two stations that are not part of the Mediabase panel (as either a monitored or non-monitored station) also spun TVOL this past week: WAJK (Oglesby, IL) spun it on Thursday and Friday, while KLDR (Grants Pass, OR) spun it once (these are only the spins that have been found online through tweets, Facebook, etc.;).


Please keep requesting TVOL at your local radio station(s). Remember to request it no more than 2-3 times per week if the station hasn’t spun it yet, and no more than once per day if it has spun it. Thanks!




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