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“The Vision of Love” got its first radio play this past week, being spun by a couple of CHR (Top 40) stations.

WSTW in Wilmington, DE spun TVOL as one of the songs in its Last Song Standing challenge, where they start the week with five new songs, eliminating one song each night based on listener votes. TVOL won this challenge, beating out Gavin DeGraw’s “Sweeter”.


Station   Spins     Format   Market                Owner                             Mkt Rank           

WSTW       5       Top 40   Wilmington, DE     Delmarva Broadcasting Co.        77


TW         LW         Move     OVN       AM         MID       PM          EVE         AI

 5             0               5       0          0            0          0             5       0.005


All five of the spins were in the evening time slot (generally defined as 7 p.m.-Midnight)   


There is no guarantee that winning this challenge will result in WSTW adding TVOL to its playlist, or even give it any additional spins in the coming weeks. But it is still a promising sign of  listener interest.


Because of WSTW’s spins, Kris’ single showed up on the official Mediabase chart for Saturday, March 3 (the last official chart we have for songs below #50).

LW   TW   ARTIST            Song                    TW LW  Bul      AI

---  269   ALLEN, KRIS      The Vision of Love     5   0    5   0.005


The other station that spun TVOL this past week was WIFC in Wausau-Stevens Point, WI, which is a non-monitored CHR (Top 40) station. It played TVOL and asked listeners to “slam it or jam it”. According to the station’s website, TVOL got an 89% “jam it” rating (“jam it” being a positive response, “slam it” being a negative one). The radio station website did say that these ratings help determine whether it will give a song more spins, so we will see if the strong response TVOL got results in additional spins from this station. Remember, because WIFC is non-monitored, the spins do not count in any chart reports. The spin(s) TVOL received from WIFC are not showing up on the Mediabase site, even though the station is listed, so we cannot confirm how many spins TVOL received.


Lastly, Mix 105.1, which is a Hot AC station in Orlando, FL, posted a poll asking for feedback on TVOL. At last look, the poll had 96+ percent of voters saying they loved the song and wanted the station to play it. If you live in the Orlando area, you may want to vote and/or comment on this poll.



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By the way, Mix 105.1 #2 most viewed post is this "The Vision Of Love" post. Bruno Mars is #1, and that was posted back in July 6, 2011. Davy Jones is #3, which is a recent topic. Anyway, just an interesting tidbit I saw from their website. Screencap is here:


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