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Spinja Update – Week Ending 10/31

Not a whole lot to update on in the second full week of spins. AWM is getting regular plays on 4 HAC stations and 1 CHR station. I wouldn’t expect too much growth in the near future – it’s just about leveled off in spins on the given stations.

Mediabase HAC 10/30
Rank: ?? (far outside the top 50)
Spins: 60
Bullet: 22
Audience Impressions: ~0.135

Mediabase Top 40 10/30
Rank: 157
Spins: 19
Bullet: 9
Audience Impressions: 0.048

AWM will pick up 1 add at KSCF (Radio Sophie, San Diego) this week, but that will likely be it.

Red Team Purple Team Green Team Yellow Team Blue Team
KSCF: 20 spins WTIC: 13 spins KLAL: 19 spins WOMX: 11 spins KKPL: 1 spin
KMHX: 1 spin KURB: 13 spins
WTMX: 1 spin
Total: 21 spins 13 spins 33spins 11 spins 1 spin

KURB, KLAL and KSCF are the only stations giving AWM daytime spins. WTIC and WOMX are still spinning the song exclusively in the late night/overnight hours. Any other station that has given it a spin (KKPL, KALC, KMHX, and WTMX) have done so in a new music program of some sort.

To state the obvious, requesting at any station should still be a top priority. AWM needs spins from anywhere it can get them. (And to reiterate - I do think only HAC stations actually have been sent the song.)

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Bumping this because nothing has changed in the last week. KSCF put the song into a medium/high rotation (~4 spins a day, #11 on their playlist currently) and accounts for 65% of the song's AI on HAC.

The Little Rock stations (KURB and KLAL) are the only other stations giving it spins during waking hours. WOMX and WTIC both are giving it two spins per day in the overnight hours. (Actually, to stay perfectly accurate, WOMX gave AWM a spin in the 5PM hour yesterday.) AWM got its 5 spins from WSTW (Wilmington DE, Top 40) this week due to that countdown programming. (Interestingly, those spins are not reflected in the charts.) Aaand KMHX (Santa Rosa, HAC) is still giving the song 1 spin on Sunday nights in its new music hour.

As always, I'll answer any specific questions that anyone might have to the best of my abilities.
Bumping again. Only one significant change, KMXB (Las Vegas, HAC) put the song into medium rotation (13 spins so far this week - on about 3 days of spinning).

Personally, I think WTIC (Hartford) and WOMX (Orlando) are the two stations that are most likely to actually respond to positive feedback.
Umm, the Grey team is getting spins too but I don't know how to report them. I think we need a concerted effort to get people to report.

I do know that Northwave 825fm in Hokaido Japan has played it twice and so has another Japanese station. A fan twitter @inter_fm retweets their playlist and mentioned it.

Any other grey team spins out there?
AWM got a spin on a FOX All Access syndicated show, which means a spin in 6+ new markets. Hopefully they respond well :)
AWM got another spin tonight (11/20) on WTMX in Chicago. Yay!


I just have a question. It has to do with radio airplay, but it's a little off the subject. I believe the recurrent rule for HAC is 20 weeks on the chart and below 15. Does this rule just apply to the top 40 or 50 songs?

HAC Recurrency is based on top 40.  Meaning if a song is charting between 15 and 40 on its 21st week of being in the top 40, it will be purged... most of the time.  The rules are more like guidelines, and technically, Mediabase can do whatever they want.

On the last published chart AWM was #51 and only 14 spins away form the top 50.


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