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Hello and Welcome to the Red Team!!!

If you are located in one of the following states / areas, you are considered a member of the red team...

Washington (state)

Remember that the whole concept of this project is to work together as a team.  Get to know the radio stations in your area, and get to know other Kris fans within that area.  Help each other promote Kris in any way you can.

Your Regional Team Captains are snapcracklypop and Amy H. Please direct any of your questions or concerns about team goals to them. If you have any general radio promo questions that you need answered, Nick or taks would be the best ones to contact.

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Some more spins this week! Check the Weekly Spin Update - Week of 12/12.

Sophie has a poll about favorite artists among what they've played in 2010. Kris is on there for both LLWD and AWM. I would recommend voting for AWM, because it's Kris's current single and love for it can only encourage Sophie to play it.

Your Weekly Spin Update - Week of 12/19!


Thanks Diana for posting the poll here :)

Week ending in 12/26 Weekly Spin Update.


For those in Los Angeles (or SoCal?), remember to catch Kris' pre-taped interview and performance at the Hard Rock Cafe in Hollywood. Airing on KNBC at 2:30am (PST) on New Years day 1/1/11. More details here. I'm sure a lot of us will record it, and will probably hit YouTube so everyone else can see it.

Hi I'm Ginny T and I live in the Los Angeles area.  I am part of the Red Team.  I have been requesting AWM at MyFM Radio Station because this stationed played LLWD and so I am sure they know Kris.  Recently, Billy Bush interviewed Kris at the MyFM radio station and discussed AWM, but I don't understand why the station is still not playing the song.  Anyway, will continue to request AWM. 


Radio Station: MyFM (104.3)
Phone: 866 544 6936
Text: 31043
Top 5 at 5:
My Music At Noon:
Request Online:

Hello Ginny! The Billy Bush interview was fun wasn't it? Thanks for re-posting MyFM information. I think it's a good that radio stations know that there is a demand for Kris and his music. If you have not seen it yet, some of your questions can be answered here in regards to radio stations adding songs.


MyFM is from Clear Channel, and supposedly CC has a rule that unless the program director adds the song - the station can't play it (correct me if I'm getting this wrong anybody). PDs will consider adding a song if the label does a push for the single, and as far as I know - there hasn't been one (yet). Now that the holidays are over, hopefully stations will have more room and flexibility for AWM. In general, there will always be other known artists to compete with, but we'll just have to be patient, keep trying, and not give up putting his name out there :) 


More informative posts on radio and how things work:

Spinja Crash Course:

Requesting Guides:

AWM Radio Push (see guidelines near the bottom):

Hi snapcracklypop.  Thanks for responding with some great information.  I enjoy Kris and his music very much. I have never followed an artist and their career as closely as I do with Kris, but his genuine personality and epic musical talent makes me a dedicated fan and I hope for the best for him.  Again, thanks for the information, as it will help me understand some of processes for promoting Kris and getting his song played on the radio.

Happy New Year!!! Requesting this week could be crucial. See new update: Weekly Spin Update - Week of 1/2

KRSK has automatically added AWM! Also I made a mistake of posting the spins update at the General Street Team area by accient, LOL. NEW Weekly Spin Update - Week of 1/2 link & extra spins have been added. We're now in the lead again!

Need your help! I want to compile all the monitored radio station information you guys are requesting from one place or by state. If you already posted yours here, link me to the post. Info like their websites, schedule, DJ's, request numbers, request pages on their site (if they have one), Twitter accounts, Facebook pages, etc. For Alaska and any other areas that don't have a monitored Hot AC/Top 40  station, just post info on popular stations that you know everyone listens to. Try to do it in one post, so it's not so sporadic and hard to connect the dots to particular station or area. lol. Thanks guys!
Late, but here is the Weekly Spin Update - Week of 1/9


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