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[Revised and updated: 7/02/12]


Kris Allen's newest single "The Vision Of Love" is now available for radio stations to play! 



Get informed...

1. Check out the Radio Requesting Guidelines, so we can be effective in supporting and promoting Kris in the most positive way possible.


2. Go to the Radio Stations List, and click on the "Red (HAC)" and "Red (Pop)" tabs for your local station information such as the request line, website, Facebook page, Twitter account, and whether they have played Kris' songs before.


A few things to keep in mind:

  1. Not every station is going to be ready to play the song right away. In fact, some may have no interest or no ability to play it until their corporate bosses give them the go ahead.
  2. We recommend taking a 'soft requesting' approach at first... encouraging statements like "Can't wait to hear The Vision of Love on XXX" or "Hope you'll start playing Kris Allen's new song soon. I love it!".
  3. Be patient. Not everybody will know the awesomeness that is this song right away.
  4. Continue to keep an eye out for stations looking for input on what to play or showing an interest in Kris.


So let the requesting begin!





Calling is a solid way to make your song requests known to your local radio stations. Find the request lines in the Red tabs in the Radio Station List, and call to request TVOL. Stay friendly and do not mention you are part of a Street Team. Request 2-3x/week if the station has yet to play TVOL, and 1x/day if your station has played it.

Some stations may accept requests through Twitter. When you tweet your local station, be sure take the soft approach to requesting TVOL. Use comments like "can't wait to hear The Vision of Love on XXX" or "Hope you'll start playing Kris Allen's new song soon. I love it." Pay attention to whether your station responds to Twitter requests.

'Like' your favorite station's FB and keep up with any Kris related posts/polls they may have. You can leave a casual comment on their wall stating you'd "Love to hear 'The Vision Of Love' on the radio!" or thanking them for playing it!

Official Radio Station Website
Many stations have forms on their websites for requesting. This is a great way to get your requests in, but please remember to stick to stations in your area.

Mediabase Forms
Some stations will link to a Mediabase Form on their website, which may mean they do accept song requests this way as well. If TVOL is not listed for you to check off, just fill it in yourself at the bottom of the form.

Some stations encourage emails as a way of requesting. Use the same guides mentioned above for sending e-mails.

Radio stations have been using texting as a way of receiving song requests. Check your local station's rules and guidelines for texting before submitting your requests.
Overall, get to know your local stations and get a feel for how they work. Use the tools they provide for requesting. However, try not to overwhelm them with requests.


Here we will list the stations in our region that have added TVOL to their rotation. Asterisk * means it's an auto-add.

As of 5/30/12:

  • KBFF (Live 95.5), Portland, OR
  • KWYE (Y101), Fresno, CA
  • KLLY (Kelly 95.3), Bakersfield, CA
  • KZZO* (Now 100.5), Sacramento, CA
  • KEZR (Mix 106.5), San Jose, CA
  • KPSI (Mix 100.5), Palm Springs, CA
  • KZZU (92.9 ZZU), Spokane, WA
  • New! KCDU (The Beach 101.7) Monterey-Salinas, CA
Spun TVOL (not added yet)
As of 6/18/12:
  • KCDA (103.1 KCDA), Spokane, WA
  • KBIG (104.3 MYFM), Los Angeles, CA - Played TVOL only online this morning. When a song is only streamed, the station is probably testing the song out to the audience who usually listen to them online. This is usually done during the time when the actual on-the-air radio play advertisements. 
    • Request as you would normally would 1x everday, but keep it positive and tell them you would love to hear TVOL. 
    • Search Task: Since TVOL was played online, be sure to visit their website and type in "Kris Allen" in the search engine and click the Go button. This will take you to their Kris Allen page. Scroll to the bottom where you see the "Music Videos" section, and click to watch each video that is labeled "The Vision Of Love." One is the behind-the-scenes TVOL video, and the other is the actual TVOL music video. Then click on different links if you have a minute to spare. These steps show them that listeners are interested in TVOL, since they've played it online to see what people think. Thanks for the tip, Eileen!
Please be sure to request regularly (just 1X/day) if you are a listener of one or more of these stations!





Here we will list any polls, song challenges, contests etc., in our region. We encourage you to only participate in polls within your area.

As of 7/02/12:


1. KBIG - 104.3 MYfm (Los Angeles)

  • Weekdays: MYmusic @ Noon - An interactive request lunch hour.
  • Weekdays: MYfive @ 5 - Submit five favorite songs & they "could play them."
  • Update! Sexiest Man In Music - KBIG has chosen to put Kris on their Sexiest Man In Music tournament. So far, because of your votes, he has beaten two artists in the bracket! He'll be up against another artist whose votes also has him beating two other artists as well. Be sure to check back to @RedPawns, @1043MYfm, or the link in 2-3 days to vote Kris. This is for fun, but it also shows that listeners have an interest in Kris. 
2. KEZR - Mix 106.5 (San Jose)
  • Mix 106.5 Music Survey  "We're inching closer to concert season! Let us know who your favorite bands/artists are because we might just call you when they come to town with FREE up-close tickets to their show!" You need to sign up for the All Access Club first to take the survey.

3. KZZO - Now 100.5 (Sacramento)

  • Text Top 5 Countdown + Videos "Don’t forget to send a text 24/7 for your favorite song to 21005! We’re always taking your requests! And make sure you’re listening to see if your favorite song made the countdown every weeknight at 8p. This week you can win dinner at..."

We do need your help in this! If you see or know about anything going on from your station, please comment below with the information and links.


We will continue updating this post as more info becomes available. Feel free to tweet us at @RedPawns or leave a comment below with any polls, tweets, or FB posts that we could include here.

"With a little faith & a little soul, we can't go wrong. We can't go wrong."

-Kris Allen 'The Vision Of Love'

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Thanks for the examples. Hope i wasnt too forward on my tweet to KIIS.FM...but darn it, Im just so excited!! :-)5

Re:  Requesting at KPLZ in Seattle.

I've called & spoken to the program director at KPLZ (who is the morning DJ who answers the request line) twice - once this week & once a couple of weeks ago.  Both times he's told me that RCA has not been in to service the song to him.  Two weeks ago he said "I guess RCA doesn't want me to play the song" and this week he said "if they come in here & service me I'll play it".  

I would love if RCA or someone on Kris' team could address this.  Thanks.

Im in LA and KBIG (MyFM) gets me SO FRUSTRATED. They have Kris perform on their station then dont play his song... I request the song and tweet. If anyone has been successful, please share your trick! :-) thanks

I can agree with you totally.  I have sent tweets to the station and to the DJs.  No results, I so want to hear TVOL on the radio.  It was so awesome when Kris was interviewed at MyFM and thought finally they will play the song, but no :-(   will keep trying.

I know what you mean, since it is my station as well. KBIG is a Clear Channel station, and they have a rule where DJ's can't play a song that the Program Director haven't added to the playlist. The thing about KBIG (based on the past), the PD tends to wait until the song charts or continues to chart. So far, TVOL has finally charted in the top 40 of the HAC chart. The last two weeks at #40 and #38 respectively. It's at #37 at the moment and hopefully it stays that way (or increases) by the time Sunday comes around. It does take patience, whew. LLWD released in September, and KBIG added LLWD in December....the time when LLWD was moving up the charts gradually. It eventually became a 2010 hit! This is just my opinion, but I think what we do makes a difference. Yesterday was the first time KBIG playing TVOL, although only on streaming. Read more about it in the note above on KBIG (under "ADDS") if you haven't yet. I think showing interest will be helpful in the long run and when the timing is right. Anyway, hope this gives you an idea that it is possible to get there. Hopefully everyone in other regions in the United State continually request, and bring TVOL higher on the charts. I appreciate that we're working together on this!


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