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Hello and Welcome to the Red Team!!!

If you are located in one of the following states / areas, you are considered a member of the red team...

Washington (state)

Remember that the whole concept of this project is to work together as a team.  Get to know the radio stations in your area, and get to know other Kris fans within that area.  Help each other promote Kris in any way you can.

Your Regional Team Captains are snapcracklypop and Amy H. Please direct any of your questions or concerns about team goals to them. If you have any general radio promo questions that you need answered, Nick or taks would be the best ones to contact.

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Hi! I live in CA so I'm part of this team.
Hey, I'm in Washington, so I'm here. A couple good twitters to follow if you're anywhere within listening range of Seattle are @kissfmseattle and @kplz.
Hey guys! I'm from San Diego, CA so this is my group. The only radio station I know of that is pretty good to Kris is Radio Sophie 103.7 KSCF here in San Diego. They debuted "Alright With Me" on their new music hour last Sunday. They also played the heck out of LLWD and a bit of "The Truth". I think they will be really open to putting AWM on good rotation there, so if you guys are interested you can also follow @RadioSophie. Their request hour is around noon-ish I think.
oh, I guess I should list the radio stations near me. There's 2 main ones

San Francisco
Radio Station: Alice 97.3 (KLLC)
Phone: (800) 400-3697
Text: 25423

San Francisco
Radio Station: Star 101.3(KIOI-FM)
Phone: (800) 800-1013
E-Request: My Music @ Noon-

and I only have this ready because I was trying to work on putting a big list together but I'm not even halfway done yet.
Yay Red Team!!!!!!!

I live in the San Francisco area and the local HAC station I listen to is Alice 97.3 (KLLC). Besides the morning show (who are plain snarky in general anyway), the DJs here seem to like Kris. They said some really good things about TT (lol) when it first came out, in fact they were one of the first to play him I think, but it just didn't get a good enough listener response maybe. The two DJs who seem to especially like him are Marcus D and Jayn (she's interviewed him a couple times and gushed like a little school girl :D). So maybe requesting the song while they spin will be strategic? Go ahead and request other times too, but just throwing this out there.

Kris-positive DJs:
Marcus Dee spins weekdays from 3-7pm (rush hour baby!)
Jayn spins weekdays from 10am-3pm

Text number:
25423 (spells Alice)

800.400.3697 (FM97)

Twitter: @AliceRadio
Jayn has her own twitter too (not personal): @jaynatalice
Hi, I live in Los Angeles, and the station we would have the most luck with is MyFM. I know they played TT a tiny bit, and will still play LLWD.

Radio Station: MyFM (104.3)
Phone: 866 544 6936
Text: 31043
Top 5 at 5:
My Music At Noon:
Request Online:

DJ Twitters:

Valentine (morning DJ):!/valinthemorning,!/Go4Valentine, email is

Irma Blanco (part of morning crew, in charge of gossip)!/IBGOSSIP, email is

Jillian Escoto (part of morning crew, younger)!/JILLIANELAINE, email is or

Nate Marino (part of morning crew, executive producer):!/natemarino, email is or

Kari Steele (10 am to 3 pm weekdays): no twitter, email is

Ty Bentli: (3 pm to 7 pm weekdays):!/tyonair, email is

Lisa Foxx:!/DJLisaFoxx, email is

Sorry if I'm missing anything. It is really late. Also I guess this means I should create an unlocked twitter account so I can start requesting. :)
Hey guys! This is my team too, So Cal in the house! WHADDUP! :)
Anyway, what Bridget said (WOW, you're thorough!).
I'm not a huge twitter requester but I'm happy to send a few out every now and again. I actually prefer the old fashion way of calling and requesting (it seems more personal that way) and have actually had a lot of success in the past with LLWD.

And KIIS in LA is somewhat of a lost cause since they tend to lean more rythmic and Kris's music really doesn't fit into their format. It still doesn't hurt to request occassionally though because you never know!
Thanks for pulling this together Bridget! :)
On behalf of the green team, I would just like to say:

I'm in San Francisco, and have already started requesting with Alice Radio. WOOOT!!!

soapy said:
On behalf of the green team, I would just like to say:

hmm gonna throw a few at MyFm, doesn't seem like they really take requests ya know? Hmm

Lisa Foxx was the DJ at the Grammy Museum thing she could be a good target, she's good friends with several Idols too.

KIIS is a lost cause, maybe KOST?


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