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There are a few ways to positively affect radio play:


1) Requesting a song.  If a station has multiple ways of taking requests (request lines, email, online forms, texts, etc), try to use all of these forms of requesting a song, but spread it out (see note about spamming stations, below). Make sure to let the station know up front that you reside/work in the listening area the station serves!

Here is a link to our list of radio stations across the U.S. and outside the U.S., along with information on how to contact them. To find stations in your area, click on the tab at the bottom of the spread sheet that is marked for your team’s region (Purple Pawns, Blue Pawns, Red Pawns, Yellow Pawns, Green Pawns, Gray Pawns):

Also, when requesting a station to play the song, do not say that you are requesting on behalf of a street team.


2) Providing positive feedback to the station when the song gets played.

It isn’t always easy to know when a station plays a song if you aren’t listening to the station at the time. However, many stations do have links online that show what songs they have recently played. Also, sites such as can be searched for recent spins.  

Another way to determine if your local station has played a song is to go onto Mediabase, click on the “Adds by Song” link and look up the particular song. Then, click on the “View Song Add History” link or the “Show Stations Not Added” link. You can sort by format, name or rank of market, add date, etc. Then in the “Spins LW” column, you will see if your station has played the song in the past 7 days. If your station is not monitored by Mediabase, click on the “change to combined reporter” link, and you should be able to find it.

For example, here is today’s list for LLWD for the stations that added the song at some point in time (sorted by # of spins in past 7 days), as well as for the stations that never added it (also sorted by spins):


If you do hear a station play one of Kris’ songs, in addition to providing your own feedback to the station, please let the moderators at Little Pawns (and your own regional mod – Purple Pawns, Yellow Pawns, Red Pawns, Blue Pawns, Green Pawns, Gray Pawns) know!


3) Vote on various station polls, radio challenges, etc.


4) Interact with the station and its DJs on twitter, Facebook, etc. Establish that you are a regular listener of the station and not just interested in getting them to play Kris’ song(s).


5) Buy the single! Sales figures are important tools for record companies as they work radio station programmers to play the song.


6) Be polite and courteous in your interaction with the radio station.


Ways that negatively affect radio play:


1) Spamming stations with requests. Please limit it to one request per day per song that you would like to hear. (If a station has countdowns, such as “Top 9 at 9” or the like, then it is okay to send in an additional request per day for that specific reason -- just be sure to mark the request as such.) The 1x per day per song applies for stations that have already spun the song. If the station has yet to play it, please limit your requests to 2-3 times per week.


2) Contacting stations outside your listening area with requests. Unless a station specifically requests input from people outside the local listening area, spamming ones outside your listening area and requesting that they play songs is a way to quickly build a negative reputation. Not worth the risk. This rule does NOT apply to national stations (such as satellite radio) or national countdown shows, of course.


3) Showing frustration. While it can be frustrating waiting for a song to get spins, don’t let that frustration come through in your interaction with the stations. Showing anger or complaining will only have a negative impact. Similarly, don’t let them bait you into fan wars. Stay positive and focused on Kris.

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I think that if label doesn't support artist and doesn't push song to radio, nothing the fans can do.  

I don't know. I think it may be worth a try. :)


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