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Hello and Welcome to the Purple Team!!!

If you are located in one of the following states / areas, you are considered a member of the purple team...

New Hampshire
New Jersey
New York
Rhode Island
Washington DC

Remember that the whole concept of this project is to work together as a team.  Get to know the radio stations in your area, and get to know other Kris fans within that area.  Help each other promote Kris in any way you can.

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That is great Julie and Annie! I will go tell them I love it!
Well, as you know, Kris visited DC last week and both major radio stations (Hot 99.5 and Mix 107.3) went out of their way to interview him, which was great. An even nicer sign? Toby from Hot 99.5 has started following @KrisAllenLists on twitter and is actually a bit chatty! So although right now we're just getting 1X/day playing of LLWD at best in DMV, at least the relationship is being paved for the future. :)
thats great news i listen to his album over and over again love all his songs alright with me  atoe tapping finger snapping song love  it if only they would play it on the radio i can see it going to # 1 also favs are is it over, red guitar ,lifetime, llwd,send me all your angels,thetruth.  ,and cant wait for his new album ps its a shame radio doesnt play more of his songs i dont get it hopefulley now they will,i  also hope he gets to appear on american idle and sing .i see adam and  lee  are  so why not kris,until radio plays him ill be playing his cd in my car  . ps great news about twitter i am on twitter and will check it out  i have retweeted  items pertaining to kris also when do you know if kris will be coming to pittsburgh soon i hope .
For anyone who has reached the end of this thread - please make sure you are following @PurplePawns on Twitter and also be sure to check in on our 2011 thread if you haven't already! Thanks!

Purple is an awesome color and my favorite color so knowing that New York is in the Purple Team it makes me love this site more.


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