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Purple Team: "The Vision of Love" on our Radios

For the Purple Team! (updated 6/12/12)

Please use this post as a guide for requesting The Vision Of Love to your local stations. We will keep this updated with polls, adds, spins & all radio related tidbits within our region (Northeast and Mid-Atlantic states).



Calling up your local station works well! Phone numbers are on the purple tabs of the radio station list (linked above). But take a soft approach if the station has not yet played TVOL and limit requesting to 2-3X/week. Feel free to increase to 1X/day once the station has played it.
Radio stations have been using texting as a way of receiving song requests. Check your local station's rules and guidelines for texting before submitting your requests.

Be sure to 'Like' your favorite station on FB and keep up with any Kris related posts/polls they have. You can leave a casual comment on their wall stating you'd "Love to hear TVOL on the radio!" or thanking them for playing it! FB pages for stations are linked in our radio list (on the purple tabs).
Send a tweet to your local station requesting TVOL. Take a soft approach to request. Use comments like "can't wait to hear The Vision of Love on XXX" or "Hope you'll start playing Kris Allen's new song soon. I love it." Pay attention to whether the station acts on Twitter requests, (for example, by RTing a tweet and saying "coming soon").

Official Radio Station Website
Many stations have forms on their websites for requesting. This is a great way to get your requests in, but please remember to stick to stations in your area. You'll find links to these on the radio requesting list linked above (purple tabs).

Mediabase Forms
Find the 'Mediabase Form' cell on our Radio List document, find your local stations and request TVOL. If the song is not listed you can fill it in yourself at the bottom.

Some stations encourage emails as a way of requesting. Use the same guides mentioned above for sending e-mails.

Overall, get to know your local stations and get a feel for how they work. Use the tools they provide for requesting TVOL. However, try not to overwhelm them with requests. Keep requests down to 2-3x a week per station if they have yet to add TVOL to their rotation. Once it's been added, a daily request should be okay!


Here we will list the stations in our region that have added TVOL to their rotation.

As of 6 pm, 6/11/12:

  • WSJO (SoJo 104.9), Atlantic City
  • WSTW, Wilmington
  • WTSS (Star 102.5 FM) Buffalo, NY
  • WIAD (94.7 Fresh FM) Washington, DC
  • WTIC (96.5tic), Hartford, CT
  • WLTJ (Q92.9), Pittsburgh
  • WBMX (Mix 104.1), Boston
  • WWFS (FreshFM 102.7), New York City
  • WJLK (94.3 the Point), Jersey Shore 
  • WMGX (The Coast 93.1), Portland, ME
  • WALK (WALK 97.5), Long Island, NY
  • SiriusXMThePulse, Everywhere
Please be sure to request regularly (1X/day) if you are a listener of one or more of these stations!



Purple Region Stations that have spun The Vision of Love:
  • WSTW (Wilmington, DE) (HAC) - Lunchtime request hour on Facebook page; nightly countdown (see below). Text: 56221 Phone: (302)478-1010 (800)544-9370 
  • WSJO (Atlantic City, SoJo104.9) (HAC) Nightly countdown, see below. Request at 800-586-1049 or text 40301
  • WTSS (Buffalo, Star 102.5 FM) (HAC)  (716) 644-1025
  • WIAD (Washington, DC, 94.7 Fresh FM) (HAC)  877-947-0947
  • WJLK (Jersey Shore, 94.3 the Point) (HAC) Nightly countdown, see below. Request at 732-988-POINT. 
  • WTIC (Hartford, CT, 96.3Tic) (HAC)
  • WLNH (Gilford, NH, 98.3LNH) (AC) (603) 524-FM98 (3698) / (877) 611-WLNH (9564)
  • WKBE (Warrensburg, NY, 100.3 The Point) (AC) 518-615-1003
  • WBMX (Boston, Mix 104.1) (HAC) 617.931.1234 or text 41041
  • WLTJ (Pittsburgh, Q92.9) (HAC) (412) 333-5483
  • WWFS (New York, Fresh 102.7) (HAC) Text: 21027
  • WMGX (The Coast 93.1), Portland, ME (HAC) (207)-79-COAST (792-6278) 
  • WALK (WALK 97.5), Long Island, NY, (AC) (631) 955-9750
  • WSBG (93.5 SBG), Stroudsberg, PA (Poconos) (AC) (570) 424-9724
  • WISX (Mix Philadelphia, Mix 106.1)* spinning on its online stream at iHeartRadio (HAC) 215-263-1061 or
  • WIHT (Washington, DC, Hot 99.5) (CHR)* has spun as a test on its online stream at iHeartRadio 1-877-995-4681 or text 99338 
  • WMMX (Baltimore, Mix 106.5)* has only spun once (HAC) 410-481-1065
  • SiriusXMThePulse, Everywhere 877-50-PULSE


Here we will list any polls, countdowns, song challenges, contests etc., in our region. We encourage you to only participate in polls within your area.

Delaware/Philadelphia/Southern New Jersey:

  1. WSJO - SoJo104.9 (Atlantic City, NJ) - This station has a nightly top 7 countdown at 7 pm. To vote The Vision of Love into the countdown, text the word SOJO to 40301, then request TVOL for the SoJO 7@7 Countdown.
  2. WSTW (Wilmington/Philadelphia) - This station has a nightly top 5 countdown at 8 pm called the MyPod countdown. To vote TVOL into it, text your vote to 56221 or call the station at 302-478-1010 or 1-800-544-9370.

    Also, when first introduced on WSTW, TVOL won its week for Last Song Standing. And, when brought back for a champions round, it defeated strong competition by Adele and others. Great work, Purple Team!
  3. WJLK - 94.3 The Point (Jersey Shore) - This station has a nightly top 7 countdown at 7 pm. To vote for TVOL, text "Point" to 40301 then request TVOL for the countdown.
West Virginia
  1. WVSR - Electric 102.7 (Charleston, WV) - This station has a nightly "interactive 9 at 9" countdown. To vote for TVOL, click and then click on "Interactive 9 at 9," then scroll down the page and enter your vote. Update: A listener reports that they asked for the votes to be posted to their FB wall:
We will continue updating this post as more info becomes available. Feel free to tweet us at @PurplePawns or leave a comment below with any polls, tweets, or FB posts that we could include here.

Remember not to get frustrated or discouraged if your favorite station isn't playing TVOL right away. It will take time. Have patience & stay positive!

"With a little faith & a little soul, we can't go wrong. We can't go wrong."

-Kris Allen 'The Vision Of Love'


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Glad to see they played it. I live in North Jersey so this is my listening area. I've been periodically texting them to request TVOL so can I take partial credit for this? ;)  I also called WPLJ to request and got the generic response of "Oh, sure. We'll try to find it for you." lol, I don't need you to find it, I need you to play it!  Anyway, I'll keep working on both stations.

Great! You totally should take partial credit! Every request helps!

Updated to add test spins by Hot 99.5 in DC on its iHeartRadio stream! Please give that station good feedback!

Updated for our new add in Portland, ME. Also we got some great action today in DC from Fresh FM 94.7 and Hot 99.5 so please let them know that by liking and commenting on their web posts. Thanks!

Hey!  I talked to the request line at 107.3 and requested and they said the program director hadn't added it yet, so I signed up on their website then you have an option to send a message to the program director.  I did and added a note that I initially started listening to their station partially because they played Kris.  Maybe if they got a few requests they would at least add it.  

I'm from NY and will finally see him in the city on May 1st. :D


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