Little Pawns Task One - Get set up then "set and forget"!

If you're already a member of, then you can skip "Getting set up" and just do the "Set and forget" bit...


Getting set up

If you aren’t already on, it’s easy.

a. Sign up (it’s free.  Pick your username carefully though – you CANNOT change it once you’ve signed up.).

b. Download the scrobbler (for mac, pc or linux)

c. Read and follow “Set and forget” below.



  • Scrobbling takes up really minimal bandwidth – for anyone on dialup, it won’t suck your bandwidth.
  • You don’t have to be connected to the internet all the time.  The scrobbler you downloaded onto your computer will keep count and upload to when you connect.  (When you reconnect you should be prompted to “scrobble” – just say yes!)



Set and forget



For increasing awareness of Kris on, make sure whatever you play of his, has his name “Kris Allen” (no “quotation” marks) as the Artist or Artist Name or whatever your music player names it.


The end of year Top 40 collection does not include live albums, greatest hits collections, EP’s and singles, so you don’t have to change all the rips from live shows that you’ve labelled “hot new song!”. 


BUT official albums must be labelled correctly (as they were named by the record label). 


AND, if you want to increase awareness of Kris – and have the fun of seeing your play count of his songs on your own personal charts – it’s a good idea to have his name in the Artist section of your music manager.


Your work here is done!  That’s it, seriously.  You can set this up, and contribute to Kris’s success just by playing his songs on your music player at home.  (Or in the office – if work lets you, download the scrobbler onto your work computer…)


ETA: We've had some suggestions of other software to use - we'll remind everyone again about these two programs later.  If you're new to, don't worry, they aren't necessary to getting Kris's plays counted in your scrobbler. Thanks to you guys that suggested them :-)


If you're a Pandora user then  LastPandora  allows you to scrobble your tracks to automatically while you're using Pandora.  I don't (can't because I'm not in the US) use Pandora, so I can't give you any tips on it, but I'm sure if people need help they could ask some of the other forum members.  If it's really popular, we could do a task for it if a Pandora user helps :-)


The other suggestion was an app for iPhone/iPod users called iScrob.  Which is available in the iTunes store.  I'm going to give it a go & if there's any quirks, I'll let you know.

On to Task Two - Tags

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I was really annoyed with myself when I realised I'd had iTunes on my pc at work & hadn't been scrobbling my tracks!  I'm such a completist :-)



We're not allowed to do things like that at work which is a shame since that's where I listen to most of my music. I have to play cd's because we can't even use streaming radio :(

Are you allowed to download the scrobbler?  It only updates when you connect to the interwebs... & I think you should be able to link up your cd player to the scrobbler... it will totally count your cd plays

No, unfortunately, we're not allowed to install programs. It's a pretty tight acces.
Ok I did it and the scrobble thing....even though Im not totally sure about it. Anyway Im MarissaHormell. I'll friend everyone :)

Hi Marissa :-)


Glad you gave it a go - we'll be doing more small tasks regularly, so hopefully it'll be fun as we all do tasks each time together.


I noticed on Kris' page for Alright With Me that even though the fan video he did is linked in the comments, a different video from YouTube is featured on the page. For those of you in the know, is it possible to put the fan video as the featured one or add it to the page? I'm so glad there are people here who know how to do things like this!

Thanks for this - we'll do what we can.  Videos are uploaded via a bot that trawls youtube for them.  We'll need to contact them to see what can be done...  It would be great to have this one up & running for everyone to see.

Hmm . . I didn't know about the bot, but I do know that anybody can upload videos. There is an add video link and it warns that only "official" videos should be uploaded. There isn't an option to remove a video once it is upload, but I did see a "flag this video" link once a video is already added for a track listing. Maybe if enough people flag a video, then will remove it?

Ok,so I've created an account and downloaded the scrobbler.  I chose the option to fill the library with my music from itunes.  I wasn't sure if there was an option to just have my playlist put in there as opposed to the whole music library which has everybody in my family's music in it, so all of the music went in. Also I assume that now no matter who plays music it will scrobble to my account?? Doesn't really make a difference as far as this mission is concerned it just won't be an accurate representation of what I listen to. My username is the same as here, sweetpea70.

I'm going over to friend you in a moment!  I'm korestemenos over there... only counts what you actually play on your computer, so if you are the only person in your family with the scrobbler on your pc, then it will count those.  If you all share a pc, then yes, everyone's plays will count.


That's cool though, because there are some tasks in the coming weeks that you'll be able to do, that don't depend on what you play - so you can still have an impact on Kris's profile even if there's lots of people playing lots of different artists from the one account :-)

Ah, I answered the question quickly on twitter but just to expand a little. Yes, if someone in your family comes in and plays itunes, it will scrobble what they played. LOL, this explains a couple of my stats as well. Also, you can create playlists on, so that might be a way to customize it and just play your music.

Finally, you can ban a song from your library. So if one of your family members scrobbles something you don't want counted or added to your library, just select the song in your profile and choose to "remove from your library".

Here's a pic of what that will look like.


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