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Having completed the tasks, you are aware that is all about compiling data. On Kris' artist page, you find the total number of plays (the number of times someone listens to any of his tracks on their computer, iPod or through as well as the total number of listeners (anyone who listens to Kris' music for the first time - whether on their computer, iPod or through  


We thought it would be fun to have a discussion devoted to watching those statistics grow. It is important to remember that the total number of listeners on Kris' page is the growing number of people who have ever listened to a Kris Allen song. Once you're counted, you will not be counted again. After your initial scrobbling, you must scrobble at least every two weeks for your plays to be counted in Kris' statistics, as any plays with a time stamp older than two weeks are ignored.


The weekly charts (accessed through the link at the top of the website) list the number of unique listeners for an artist during a given week. Those totals are not available on the artist's page so unless Kris makes the chart, we do not know how many people are listening to him weekly. In order to get Kris on the charts, we must scrobble weekly, preferably before the cut-off on Sunday. To enter the top artists chart at #420, he must have from 12,000 to 15,000 people listening to his music weekly. The top artist, Radiohead, has about 125,000 people listening to their music every week. That's our goal!! The dates of these first statistics are rather random. From now on, I will list them at least every four to five weeks.


 2/19/2011  3,125,380 plays; 127,075 listeners

 3/16/2011  3,192,905 plays; 131,523 listeners; +  67,525 plays; + 4,448 new listeners

 4/11/2011  3,256,802 plays; 135,362 listeners; +  63,897 plays; + 3,839 new listeners

 5/09/2011  3,327,257 plays; 139,650 listeners; +  70,455 plays; + 4,288 new listeners

 6/06/2011  3,393,811 plays; 143,696 listeners; +  66,554 plays; + 4,046 new listeners

 7/05/2011  3,464,909 plays; 147,607 listeners; +  71,098 plays; + 3,911 new listeners

 8/02/2011  3,517,104 plays; 150,716 listeners; +  52,195 plays; + 3,109 new listeners

 9/08/2011  3,623,695 plays; 155,920 listeners; + 106,591 plays; + 5,204 new listeners

10/26/2011 3,754,066 plays; 161,928 listeners; + 130,371 plays; + 6,008 new listeners

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This is so cool!!!!!  Hard facts & pretty pictures :DDD
Great! Love the graph. I am a little late posting for this month... but it is worth the wait - I'm excited!
This is great information.  It will be wonderful to see the numbers continue to grow :-)

We have a record breaking month!


09/03/2011 3,597,100 plays; 154,774 listeners; + 79,996 plays; + 4,058 new listeners

10/03/2011 3,695,900 plays; 159,706 listeners; + 98,800 plays; + 4,932 new listeners


I also have weekly stats on my journal if anyone's interested.


Click to enlarge.


LOVE THIS!!! This needs to be at the top so everyone can see - Can you contact the mods and figure out how that can happen??


Sorry the posting is late this month... still, I'm excited that the number of new listeners and plays continues to increase, even in this period of waiting for new music... now... let's get all those new listeners to JOIN LITTLE PAWNS!!
This is a great point! Need to figure out best page on to post a link. (it's already linked on his group page). Maybe the page for LLWD?


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