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Welcome everyone! This is the Official Kris Allen Street Team: Little Pawns. Your Little Pawns Team Leaders are: Kathy T, Emjay Huston, and Julie. 

The goals of this Street Team are simple:

  1. To mobilize Kris Allen fans from all over the US and abroad in order to get the word out about Kris, his music and his amazing talent.
  2. To organize the fan base in such a way as to promote Kris.
  3. To broaden Kris's fanbase and get them to his shows.

We welcome anyone who would like to be part of this street team in any capacity. You don't have to make it a full time job, but we're hoping for some sort of commitment. Being part of this street team requires effort and tons of energy and enthusiasm. You have to be willing to call up radio stations and request, utilize social media in order to spread Kris's music, and keep focus as to the goals of the project.

While this may all sound like a lot of work, this is also potential for some fun. Kris fans are some of the funniest and most down-to-earth people we've encountered, and it's exciting to be involved in a project that benefits Kris but can also bring everyone together. So welcome everyone, we hope you all feel at home, and we hope we can all be fast friends!

If you have any questions, concerns, suggestions please let us know by emailing

Have fun, guys! And welcome! Take a look at our "Getting Started" section to...well, get started! ;)

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Hi Kris Island! That is dedication! Welcome to LP and make sure to follow @GrayPawns on twitter & check out the Gray Team Forum. They are the International Pawns looking to promote Kris & his music all over the world!

Gosh, I remember doing this when LP was first created, but when I went to log on my info was gone.  My bad for being gone so long.

Anyway, Hi! Love Kris and can't wait for his next CD.  Looking forward to doing my part to get his name known out there.  I'll be around :)

Welcome (back) Paris! We've added a Getting Started page that has some useful info about regional teams, our "Where in the World" map, and more.


Hope to see you at our chat with Kris on Thursday!

Hello everyone!

I finally joined after months of hesitation :) I'm from Finland and started to watch AI at season 7. I liked both Davids and I found the show quite entertaining, and that's why I was back when the season 8 started. Kris was my fave since Falling Slowly but as a serious music lover ;) I couldn't imagine to really listen to any AI contestant after the show or being a fan. I was happy when Kris won, but that was it. Or so I thought. A week or two after the finale I found myself at searching Kris' songs from Youtube. I was addicted to his voice.  I have always been very picky and quite passionate about the music I listen to so there isn't room for many artists in my player, but Kris made it :) and I'm really looking forward to his new music.

Kris is kind of sneaky that way, isn't he? Welcome to Little Pawns - glad you took the plunge!

Hey everyone,

I'm Lisa, 21, I live in Lebanon at the moment. I've been following everything about Kris and Adam both since Idol. I've been a fan of Kradam together and apart just as much as everyone. I guess I can't say I've been to one of the concerts for Kris sadly with me being overseas but I'm hoping for it someday to come true.

Hi, Lisa! I hope you get the chance to see Kris in concert someday, for sure.

Kris and Adam are just both so awesome. <3

Welcome Lisa! I know most of our international members are in the same boat of not having seen Kris perform live. Here's hoping that the next tour solves that problem for everyone :D

Hey everyone! My name is Chealsea. I'm a 19 year old Film Student, and I LOVE Kris Allen. I fell for his voice and his personality week one when he sang "Man in the Mirror" and I voted for him non-stop til the day he won. I saw Kris live and met him on July 6, 2010.

I am also a huge David Cook fan, and I love Daughtry as well. I'm artistic, quirky, and a little obsessive when it comes to Idol. Music in general is my life, and live concerts are the best.

Kris' concert is the best I've ever been to, and I've been to more than 20 concerts, both mainstream and not. He takes the cake, hands down. I'm a huge fan, and I'm willing to do whatever it takes with this team to show the world what they've been missing, because he hasn't gotten NEAR the recognition he deserves for the level of talent he has.


Peace, Love, and Rock-n-Roll <3




Hey Chealsea! We went to the same show in Hershey, right!? Nice to meet you! If you are from PA, make sure you check out the Purple team folder and if you're on twitter, follow @PurplePawns

Hello guys, I'm Kim from Australia.

I first saw Kris sing MITM on Idol and became an immediate fan of his voice and personality.  I sat biting my nails every week hoping he'd go through to the final.  Did the same with Adam so glad they were the final two.  I didn't really care who won the title - both are wonderful.  I imported Kris and Adam's albums when they came out in the US and listen to them relentlessly.  I love Kris' voice and music but he still isn't released here so no one is hearing him on the radio yet, which is a real shame.  I hope the second album, which I cannot wait to hear, is released in Australia as I think his music would go well here and I will do what I can to promote him if and when the record company decides the time is right for Kris in Australia.  Soon, I hope!  Last year I travelled to California to see him at Vegas and then at Temecula on the Lifehouse Tour - he was brilliant opening the concerts although would have loved a longer set.  Actually ran into him in an upmarket restaurant after the concert - no, I didn't follow him in there it was just one of those amazing coincidences!  I was so starstuck seeing him and his band at the next table and didn't want to bother him during his private time but had to say hello so went up nervously and said 'excuse me Mr Allen for interrupting you in your downtime... he was so beautiful- stood up immediately, shook my hand, introduced me to his band and chatted a while.  The picture is on the wall! I think Kris is an amazingly talented guy and an inspiration.  I am currently writing my first novel and he is a constant source of inspiration and maintaining belief in what you do.  Okay, he's sexy and cute too!  Go Kris, I love you and I will be a fan of you and Adam always.    

Hi Kim, nice to meet you! Love the international fans! Make sure you follow @GrayPawns on twitter. :D


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