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Welcome everyone! This is the Official Kris Allen Street Team: Little Pawns. Your Little Pawns Team Leaders are: Kathy T, Emjay Huston, and Julie. 

The goals of this Street Team are simple:

  1. To mobilize Kris Allen fans from all over the US and abroad in order to get the word out about Kris, his music and his amazing talent.
  2. To organize the fan base in such a way as to promote Kris.
  3. To broaden Kris's fanbase and get them to his shows.

We welcome anyone who would like to be part of this street team in any capacity. You don't have to make it a full time job, but we're hoping for some sort of commitment. Being part of this street team requires effort and tons of energy and enthusiasm. You have to be willing to call up radio stations and request, utilize social media in order to spread Kris's music, and keep focus as to the goals of the project.

While this may all sound like a lot of work, this is also potential for some fun. Kris fans are some of the funniest and most down-to-earth people we've encountered, and it's exciting to be involved in a project that benefits Kris but can also bring everyone together. So welcome everyone, we hope you all feel at home, and we hope we can all be fast friends!

If you have any questions, concerns, suggestions please let us know by emailing

Have fun, guys! And welcome! Take a look at our "Getting Started" section to...well, get started! ;)

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Hi, I'm Chris. I live in Los Angeles and have been around the entertainment industry for longer than I'd like to admit. I'm not the type of person who gets crazed around any celebrity - they're just people doing a job.


I like Kris a lot. I think he's a great person and an exceptional talent. I did not want to like him on AI and my reasons were not at all logical. I thought he was teen fodder. Only problem is, I kept liking everything he did and I loved his voice. Each week when spoilers came out, I'd say, 'Kris Allen is singing what????' He always surprised me with his choices and then how masterfully he'd execute them. By the time 'Heartless' came around, I learned to expect it to be great and different.


I often like someone on that show, but once it's over, I forget about them. It's been different with Kris. I actually liked his debut album and bought it. I still listen to it. I get excited if I'm driving or am out shopping and I hear one of his songs. I've loved the songs he's written and am quite impressed with his abilities. I also like how he is so self-effacing and downright funny. He makes me smile.

Despite Kris playing may shows locally or in northern CA and Vegas, which would be easy for me to get to, timing has always been off. One of these days, I hope to get to hear and see him live.


Don't expect much of me in terms of street teaming. But I do post positive comments about Kris when I see articles and interviews. I also share links on FB.


Anyway, hi to all. I recognize a lot of names from elsewhere.

Welcome Chris! Thanks for introducing yourself. 


Here's hoping that the next tour brings you better concert karma and you can finally see Kris in person. YouTube videos just don't do him (or the band) justice.


As for your 'street-teamingness' (I think I just made up a new word), every little bit helps in terms of sharing info about Kris - and article comments and FB links are great ways to help!


Have you put yourself on the LP Map?

Yes, Kathy, I did put myself on the map last week. Oh, I also have to say it feels funny to be Red Team in a Blue State. LOL

Hi!! I'm Paula. I'm from Southamerica, Buenos Aires, Argentina! Am I the first one?

I saw Kris on AI, and since then I loved his music. It seems that he is such a nice guy, his voice and the simpleness he has really makes me want to hug him! 

I don't have pretty much to talk about myself, I'm just big fan of pop music in general, I absolutely love going to concerts! and lately I'm listening over and over his album, only to torture myself! I know I can not see him and his lovely band live! But I hope to meet them someday, I really do not think that he will tour down here...:'( , but maybe I could travel and see them live sometime in the next few years... 

The album it's not available in any store here in Argentina, I downloaded, but its not the same!! I want the real one!! hahahah.

Just nice to be here! and hope to meet all of you someday at a show!



Hi Paula, 


Welcome! Thanks for taking some time to introduce yourself and put yourself on the map. It looks like you may be our first member from Argentina!

Thanks Kathy! yeeihh I'm the first one! It was the first thing I did! Loved it!

Welcome, Paula! I do hope you get to see Kris live someday!
Thank you!!!! I hope so too!!, I will do everything that I can to meet them! If the mountain will not come to Mahomet, Mahomet must go to the mountain! :)
Hi I'm Kelli (aka Sleepinin, @sparkly_night)

I'm such a procrastinator, I've been meaning to join...for about a year or so... :) I've never seen him live (Canada Kris...Canada) but anything I've watched or listened to on YouTube (thanks to the youtubers btw!) only seems to make me more interested in him musically. I love the choices he makes, they just never disappoint.

Anyway, though I'm kind of background-y in general you all did get me to join Lastfm when you were pushing that and I fell hard for rdio. As a music fan I am in love with it and have made more than a few playlists with Kris strategically placed.

My fondest desire musically at the moment is a live studio version of anything at all with Kris singing so I'm willing to do what I can to help that happen. :)
Welcome Kelli! :)

Glad to finally have you on board! It would be great if Kris were to visit Canada promoting the 2nd album. He & the band are amazing! I am sure you'd really enjoy them live.

Feel free to follow @GrayPawns on twitter & check out the Gray Team Forum. They are the International Pawns looking to promote Kris & his music all over the world!

Hello guys!!! I've joined this site a long time ago but I haven't introduced myself. Sorry :P


My name's Waie, you can call me "ie" or "Waie" :) I'm from Brunei. It's in Asia and yes, I am asian..and before I start writing about my story, just to let you all know my english isn't really good..sorry if you don't really understand what I'm writing.hehe..

Anyways, I started to like Kris when he was on American Idol and became a fan when he sang "Apologize". That's because I'm a big fan of OneRepublic. Then became a big fan when my friend asked me to hear his song "Red guitar". The first time I heard that song, I thought to myself "wow. this is the kind of song I've always wanted to hear and this is the perfect song for me." Then I went to music shop to find the album but they told me they didn't have it :(

So I went to UK to find the album and just so you all know, it takes 17hrs from Brunei to London :O Plus, I was visiting my sister cause she studies there. I was hoping that I could find Kris' album.. Went to every shop but they were all either sold out or I had to order! I was so disappointed because that was one of my "things to buy" in the UK.. 

After 2 weeks in London, before I went back to Brunei, I had a short trip to Singapore for 2 days.. Even though it was only for 2 days but I had a great time cuz I found the album!! :D I was overly happy! I was also given a Kris Allen sticker for free :D


So I guess that's all. I hope u guys enjoy reading this and always support Kris! And sorry guys my english isn't really good :( Cheers!

I forgot to mention.. "falling slowly" is my current favorite song :)



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