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Welcome everyone! This is the Official Kris Allen Street Team: Little Pawns. Your Little Pawns Team Leaders are: Kathy T, Emjay Huston, and Julie. 

The goals of this Street Team are simple:

  1. To mobilize Kris Allen fans from all over the US and abroad in order to get the word out about Kris, his music and his amazing talent.
  2. To organize the fan base in such a way as to promote Kris.
  3. To broaden Kris's fanbase and get them to his shows.

We welcome anyone who would like to be part of this street team in any capacity. You don't have to make it a full time job, but we're hoping for some sort of commitment. Being part of this street team requires effort and tons of energy and enthusiasm. You have to be willing to call up radio stations and request, utilize social media in order to spread Kris's music, and keep focus as to the goals of the project.

While this may all sound like a lot of work, this is also potential for some fun. Kris fans are some of the funniest and most down-to-earth people we've encountered, and it's exciting to be involved in a project that benefits Kris but can also bring everyone together. So welcome everyone, we hope you all feel at home, and we hope we can all be fast friends!

If you have any questions, concerns, suggestions please let us know by emailing

Have fun, guys! And welcome! Take a look at our "Getting Started" section to...well, get started! ;)

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Hi Ally - I'm from NoVa too! So glad to have another person to help us persuade Mix 107.3 and Hot 99.5 to play more Kris! Stop on by the purple team folder - it's for our area of the country.
I'm glad to help...I've been in contact with the stations in the area, asking and hoping :) I didn't realize 99.5 was one we were to contact...I've been in contact with WINC FM 92.5 and B101.5! I'm trying :)
Those are good stations to contact & I remember they played LLWD first. I actually like listening to them both more than the DC ones, more variety. Anyway, glad to have you on board! :)
Kris was on 107.3 the am...with Jack Diamond...and he played ARWM!!! It sounded great! Are people still requesting ARWM? I've been frustrated because it wasn't getting played...
Hi ho there! I've never watched American Idol and actually didn't become a Kris fan until well after Season 8 was over. Around that time I'd gotten a download of his pre-Idol album Brand New Shoes, and that was more or less the reason why I became a fan of his, since I thought his singing and songwriting on that album was fantastic. He also seems like a really great guy and I admire him a lot for his humanitarian work and for the fact that he's so kind to his fans. Alright With Me was my favorite song off of his post-Idol album right out of the gate (along with I Need to Know). I've seen him a billion times in concert in the last year (or at least it seems like it to me lol), since whether he's only playing his acoustic with Cale or is with the full band, he puts on one of the best live performances I've ever experienced.
Y'all! Look at the member list! We're over 300 strong, now! :')
I know *sob* So awesome <3
Hello everyone. Call me Shizzie ;)
I just know this site from KAA...and I was like...YAAYY!!! FINALLY THE STREET TEAM!!
I'm so glad to be a part of this ~ ^__^

Honestly, I didn't watch American Idol coz I'm not a reality shows fan. But my friends keep telling me to watch the finale of American Idol 8 just for once so I watch it (just to shut her up) and dang!!! thats the first time I see Kris Allen and he's such a great performer!! I like his cover of Heartless, Falling Slowly, Aint No Sunshine and others too~ *his debut album are really worth-buying

I cant go to his shows before because of final exam (so suck) but I really hope he will come again next time (please !!!!) = =

And he was the MOST humble-funny-cute-talented-kind and down to earth American Idol !!
I also like to do anything that can promote him more, just count me in ;)

I just wanted to take a minute to welcome the new members! I just finished up doing a christmas show which ate up most of my life for a month, but I'm back in the saddle! I hope every one is having fun exploring and working together to come up with ideas to help Kris gain the recognition he deserves.


We've got some exciting stuff in store, and I appreciate everyone's patience as we transition from unofficial to official! We're all busy this crazy time of year - as I'm sure you all are too!


Talk to you all soon!



Big welcome to all of the new fans!!! :D :D :D

Hi everone at little pawns.  I am Ginny T from SoCal. I believe Little Pawns will be a great organization (of fans) to promote Kris with street team activities.  I have never followed an artist/musician like I do with Kris.  I admire and respect Kris' attitute and strong belief that he can make it in the music business with his standards intact.  What a novelty (ha ha) that a person can be so genuine, be involved with charity/humanitarian efforts, love his wife, family, puppy dog, friends, God and still make inroads in the music business.  Of course, Kris' musical/songwirting talent and his healtfelt passion when he sings makes it easy to be a fan that wishes the best for him and that he continue to do what he loves to do. I have been to about 10 of Kris' concerts (headlining or Opening) and enjoy listenting to his beautiful singing voice. He gave outstanding performances in all the shows I have seen, no matter how big or small the venue.  I enjoyed the many suprises he gave to his fans at many of his concerts.  I got to meet Kris several times and some of the band members.  It is amazing how he conveys how much he appreciates his fans.  On a personal note, I have always had the desire to learn how to play the guitar.  I do not know what I was waiting for, but Kris' personality and musical talent inspired to take action and recently begun to take guitar lessons.  I don't expect to ever play like Kris, but I thought to myself I only have "86,400" seconds in a day and I should live like I am dying. 

Just wanted to say another hello to new people. We are doing a little mission to help expose Kris' music to new listeners and could use your help. Click here for the details.


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