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Welcome everyone! This is the Official Kris Allen Street Team: Little Pawns. Your Little Pawns Team Leaders are: Kathy T, Emjay Huston, and Julie. 

The goals of this Street Team are simple:

  1. To mobilize Kris Allen fans from all over the US and abroad in order to get the word out about Kris, his music and his amazing talent.
  2. To organize the fan base in such a way as to promote Kris.
  3. To broaden Kris's fanbase and get them to his shows.

We welcome anyone who would like to be part of this street team in any capacity. You don't have to make it a full time job, but we're hoping for some sort of commitment. Being part of this street team requires effort and tons of energy and enthusiasm. You have to be willing to call up radio stations and request, utilize social media in order to spread Kris's music, and keep focus as to the goals of the project.

While this may all sound like a lot of work, this is also potential for some fun. Kris fans are some of the funniest and most down-to-earth people we've encountered, and it's exciting to be involved in a project that benefits Kris but can also bring everyone together. So welcome everyone, we hope you all feel at home, and we hope we can all be fast friends!

If you have any questions, concerns, suggestions please let us know by emailing

Have fun, guys! And welcome! Take a look at our "Getting Started" section to...well, get started! ;)

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Hi! I'm Lindsay, or @fictionnreality. Feel free to follow if you don't mind ridiculous tweets all over your feed (then just shoot me an @ letting me know you're from here so I know to follow back).

I'm on the purple team (located in Jersey and not a Guidette). I've been to seven? Kris shows now and try to make it to all/most of the ones that are in my area (and price range. I'm poor.). I'm a student teacher in a first grade classroom and I'm in graduate school for elementary and special education. My skill set lies mainly in tailoring lessons to individual children and making sure behavior charts are being implemented, but I'm ridiculously enthusiastic, love Kris to pieces, and can follow directions really well. I'm just looking forward to help give AWM the loving little push it needs to do as well as we know it can. I also can make really dumb or inappropriate jokes so long as the occasion doesn't call for it and I can make people uncomfortable.

AWM? Kris Allen? I like it very much.

Sorry for the amount of cray that I'm sure I'm portraying :)
Hi everyone! I'm beach_fn on twitter and Ruth in RL and I live on the coast of NC spending my days and sometimes nights as an IT analyst and project manager and free time following the career of Kris Allen.
My story starts during Season 1 of AI, when I became totally addicted to the show. I love Kelly and Daughtry but although I buy their music, but never really "followed them" if you know what I mean. Fandom was just not me, or I thought, lol. Then there was Season 8. I liked Kris from the moment he sang MITM but for whatever reason he had me at "How Sweet it Is" and there was no looking back. It's been amazing to meet so many people through fan sites and twitter and look forward to meeting many more!
Thanks to everyone who's worked so hard to get this off the ground along with other projects like "Alright with Moo" and the fall tour book and am more than happy to do what I can for Kris's career!!
Oh wow. Hi Everyone!

late to the party, but whatever.

I'm Sarah. (@SarahBeth81 on twitter) I'm from Massachusetts and I have to admit that I was a very casual Kris fan all through season 8. I liked him enough but I mainly watched Season 8 because I was curious. Before Season 7 I had never watched Idol at all (except maybe in passing) but the more season 8 went on, the more Kris wormed his way into my heart. I liked Adam a lot too and I would have been OK with either of them winning (Go ahead, ban me now).

ANYWAY. I didn't really follow too much of him until my friend Erin was visiting me the end of August and I caught her on a Kris Fansite. The rest is kind of history. I really have always been a bit of a casual fan but the more I see him perform, the more I love him. I saw him twice last weekend opening for Lifehouse and before that, opening for Keith Urban and before THAT, was at the WXLO Acoustic Christmas show. And he's gotten better every time. I met Kris last weekend and totally fangirled.

TL; DR - Excited to be here and help out where I can. Oh. I also have my own blog in which I give Kris a fair amount of love on. Its here if anyone cares: A Musical World
Hi all! I'm jmom376, in RL Pam. I live in Orlando, FL. I have been around the Kris fandom since right after the finale and know a lot of you. I was so excited to have my favorite actually win (Daughtry, Bo Bice, and Jason Castro fan). I have been a big fan of AI since Season 3. RL has been crazy lately and I haven't been able to hang out as much as I would like, but I will try to help out wherever I can. If nothing else, I sometimes have random ideas that aren't so bad :}

I have been to 2 Kris shows so far and am really trying to figure out how I can go to the HOB show he will be at on 12/5.

Love AWM, can't wait to hear it on my radio soon when I am awake (WOMX is the radio station I listen to and who is sponsoring the concert he will be at :}.

jmom376 said:
If nothing else, I sometimes have random ideas that aren't so bad :}

Ha, what an understatement! For anybody who doesn't know, the Fall Tour Book was all Pam's idea... would have never happened without her giving the push.
Hey guys! Late as always I see....

I'm awful at introductions...but I'm going to give it a go anyways! My name is Meme and I'm from Canada (Also known as @RockinAllenFan on Twitter). Glad to see I'm not the only Canadian here, we're quite the scorned bunch when it comes to Kris haha. He hasn't stepped foot on Canadian soil since the Idol Tour if I'm not mistaken? WE SHALL CHANGE THAT. Now single wise, I've been already requesting AWM here, but of course like others have said, he isn't that huge around here...but I'm willing to keep doing it and even discuss ways, us Canadians can get his single playing.

So how much of a Kris tard am I you ask? I've basically been a Kris fan since Idol. I accidentally saw him on the show during the "White Chocolate" performance and fell in love...ngl, I thought he was gorgeous and just wanted him to get through the next round because of that (yes I can be shallow indeed! /o\). However, as I saw more of him I started to see past the pretty and more of his beautiful voice. I've never been the type to stan musicians or follow their careers. If I love a singer/band, I usually just buy their Album and that's where it ends lol. Short attention span...I don't normally obsess over someone after a few months, but Kris has been the only exception!

Anyways, so glad you guys are doing this. I've always found that Kris fans are separated hopefully this will be a good place to communicate and work on a common goal! :D
Hi Everyone!

My name is Annie (@ameeliu on Twitter). I grew up in Boston, went to college in RI, got married to a native Rhode Islander, so now I'm stuck (I mean, live) in RI! Ha ha.

My L-O-V-E for Kris runs deep! I've been a fan since the beginning of AI Season 8. He really caught my attention when I found out he plays the guitar and was a worship leader at his church, as is my husband. I told my husband about that, so he can relate. For the finale, I called my sisters and made them help me vote for Kris too! My husband thinks I'm absolutely crazy that I go "gah-gah" over Kris all the time, but he lets me to do it. He tries his best to be supportive. He went to 2 of Kris's concerts with me and was impressed with Kris's guitar playing skills. He even helped me get video of the entire set in Boston with Lifehouse so I can flail freely!

First time I saw Kris was at the AI concert last year in Providence. In May 2010, I won tickets to the KISS 108 Boston live morning show where Kris and Cale performed LLWD and TT. Saw him the next day at the KISS Concert. The very next morning, I was leaving for my vaca from Boston to Las Vegas with a layover in Houston, and ended up on the same flight as Kris and KAB! (Sorry if this is redundant for those who may have read my story on Kris Together). In fact, Kris "cut" me to check in because he was in first class. I remember staring at this guy from behind thinking, "why does he look so familiar?" I was held up by the guy in front of me who had a musical instrument and a carry-on luggage that the airline attendant told him to check-in at the gate. I was waiting patiently and then started to piece things together. Could this be one of Kris's bandmates? And was that guy Kris? After all, I did just see him perform at the night before, right?!? As soon as I finally got checked in, I pretty much ran into the plane to see if I was right. Yup, there was Kris and Lizzie sitting in first class! At that point, I didn't know all of KAB (shame on me, I know!), so I didn't know who the guy in front of me was, but thinking back, it was either Cale or Andrew. Anyways, during the whole plane ride, I was really excited, but didn't want to bother Kris during the ride because I thought that would be rude. I told myself that if he was at gate waiting for his band (who sat in coach), then I'd ask for a picture. Sure enough, he and Lizzie were waiting. I dug out my camera and threw it at my clueless husband. I went up to Kris and told him I was a huge fan and asked for a pic. Of course, he was really gracious and said yes. My husband goes to take the picture but no, it doesn't work because I took so many pics the night before that the memory card was full! I quickly deleted a few pics and asked Kris if he'd let me try again. He laughed and then posed with me again. So sweet! Oh, and btw, I saw him tweet that message to Matt G (love him, too) asking what Chick-Fil-A serves. That was when all the Twitter madness started. Kris stans saw my tweet about sharing a plane ride with him and the the rest is history.

Since my encounter with Kris, I've seen him at the MIXFEST in Boston, epic solo show in AC, last show with Keith Urban, and the first 3 shows of this current fall tour with Lifehouse, but I've yet to meet him again for another pic or hug. Came close a few times but security always made him go away before I got to him. It's ok (for now) though because I do have a great story to tell of how I did meet him. Hoping I get to meet him again soon.

Thanks to everyone for setting this up and looking forward to help promote Kris anyway I can. Sorry for being so wordy, but I just wanted to share my story. Oh, and I contributed to the CT page for the fall tour book. :-)

I'm Emily, although a lot of you may know me as poppet.

I've been a Kris Allen fan probably since Michael Jackson week. I voted more times than I'd care to admit, and am now driving four and a half hours to go see a solo show soon.

As a music major I could go into many deep and complex discussions of why I love Kris so much, but let's just say I do. (Although when it comes down to it, DCook still owns my heart).

I'm super busy with home and school right now, but I'll do what I can to help! I'm a pretty good idea person, so....


Aimee C said:
Hi! I'm Aimee :)
Thank you! The book actually wouldn't have happened if you didn't keep everyone on track and put it all together :} Thank you again for making my idea a reality!!

Kathy Tibaldi said:

jmom376 said:
If nothing else, I sometimes have random ideas that aren't so bad :}

Ha, what an understatement! For anybody who doesn't know, the Fall Tour Book was all Pam's idea... would have never happened without her giving the push.
As of now there are 69 replies to this post and it is seriously killing me to be... replying to this. haha.

Hi guys! My name is Monique~! :D
You may know me as shatteredmemrys at lj or @Team_Fierce on Twitter~
I'm seventeen and I live in San Diego, CA.

My stanning of Kris was kinda.....accidental. I remember during Idol, I though he was maybe "~cute, idk..." and I was pretty sure Gokey was going to win and my boy Adam would be getting second place.
You can say that I rooted for Adam (despite always knowing he'd get second) and yet I was not upset when he lost. I was very neutural. Something was up with this Kris guy. He was definitely likeable.

And well..Adam liked him. He always spoke so kindly about him in interviews and praised his singing, and I figured, "well hey, if Adam likes him, why can't I?"

I LOVE Kris now. I have Adam to thank for that, plus the lovely Kris fans that I got to know in fandom. (I haven't been in the Idol fandom since fifth season, what a lovely way to get back into it) And when I say LOVE, it's almost in a scary sense. Kris or Adam could ask for my wallet, car, and social security number and I just might hand it over with hearts in my eyes.

When I got to meet Kris this past July, (finally finally finally I got to see Kris in concert, I missed out on the Idol tour. ;___; ) I was sooooo overwhelmed with his kindness (and prettiness, but I actually stuck around a venue for thirteen hours for this man. He was so nice. When I got the courage to ask him to sign my cd, he remembered my name and started to personalize it and I nearly broke into tears. I feel like I shouldn't even be allowed to love this man as much as I do.

Seriously, he and Adam mean so much to me, I don't know what I'd do without them, tbh.

But anyway, no more sappiness.

FYI: I requested AWM on the radio this Monday (six in the morning omg) and the host was like, "Kris Allen? Oh yeah, right away!" and I was like, "You have Alright With Me?" and she was like, "We have his whole cd!" and I was like, "Ah~ so awesome Thank you sooooo much!" and I totally listened to the radio during first period for two whole hours and they didn't play it and my phone died and I actually had to be a responsible student, but I found out later that they wound up playing it and I freaked! :DDDDD

San Diego seriously loves Kris Allen. I'm psyched beyond anything. :3

/most boring person ever, lmao

Anyway, can't wait to get started! Excite!


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Hello!! I think most of you know me already on twitter. I live in Arkansas and I L.O.V.E. me some Kris Allen. I have a 9 year old little girl who also loves Kris. I happen to work at the same company as Mama Allen and that is where I first heard of this awesome man. Im loving the idea of this website!! This is gonna be a lot of fun! Im just glad we all have a place to congregate and talk about all things Kris and helping to promote such a great talented guy! Im ready and willing to do whatever I can to help get the word out about Kris! Hell, I already talk about him 24/7 (ok not really) but I talk about him ~a lot. So LETS DO THIS!!!


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