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Welcome everyone! This is the Official Kris Allen Street Team: Little Pawns. Your Little Pawns Team Leaders are: Kathy T, Emjay Huston, and Julie. 

The goals of this Street Team are simple:

  1. To mobilize Kris Allen fans from all over the US and abroad in order to get the word out about Kris, his music and his amazing talent.
  2. To organize the fan base in such a way as to promote Kris.
  3. To broaden Kris's fanbase and get them to his shows.

We welcome anyone who would like to be part of this street team in any capacity. You don't have to make it a full time job, but we're hoping for some sort of commitment. Being part of this street team requires effort and tons of energy and enthusiasm. You have to be willing to call up radio stations and request, utilize social media in order to spread Kris's music, and keep focus as to the goals of the project.

While this may all sound like a lot of work, this is also potential for some fun. Kris fans are some of the funniest and most down-to-earth people we've encountered, and it's exciting to be involved in a project that benefits Kris but can also bring everyone together. So welcome everyone, we hope you all feel at home, and we hope we can all be fast friends!

If you have any questions, concerns, suggestions please let us know by emailing

Have fun, guys! And welcome! Take a look at our "Getting Started" section to...well, get started! ;)

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Hi Ally. My name is Diane, and I am an Allenholic. Welcome!
Allyson Moisan said:

HAY! I'm Ally.
Hi everyone, my name is Beatrice but everyone calls me Bea, and I'm a single mom with a 15 year old son. I'm so excited about this effort because I believe in Kris and his talent so much. I am an accountant by day so I stay pretty busy but I would love to help out when I can.

I love Kris, Adam and Allison but was originally an Adam fan from his audition. Even though I knew there was a hometown guy in the competition, I was still pulling for Adam. Eventually though, with so much community support and finally getting to see Kris perform so well week after week, that sneaky little guy won me over. I still loved Adam but felt like Kris needed my support more, so hence started the obsessive voting. Yes, I was one of the crazy Arkansans that contributed significantly to the 37 million votes. :)

I've been to a several of Kris' live shows this past summer and plan on going to the Conway and Memphis shows next week. So excited to see him again! Had planned on going to Springfield next Friday but those plans fell through. So if anyone knows of anyone who would like to go, I will give them away for true Kris fans or even potential fans (they are really good seats!)
Oh gawd, I hate introductions. Awkwardness abound, especially when you mention how awkward introductions are.

Regardless, my name's Michelle and I currently reside in North Carolina (Tarheel, ftw!) so I'm on the yellow team(?). I'm @michelleSorta and I mostly fangirl, talk about various tv shows, food, and gym. I'm a college student, but I'm taking a year off so my life is basically about aforementioned stuff.

When do intros border on TMI?

3 Random Things about Me: I put raisins in my mac&cheese, I'm a speedster (cops, whyyy?), and I'm all eco-friendly and like, NO PLASTIC, as I wave around my plastic waterbottle.

Anyway, hey all! Hopefully Little Pawns stay chill and not over-obsessive/stalker-ish, because unlike that crazy Kara ditty, there ARE boundaries! haha

P.S If anyone hasn't, watched the NoBo reggae version! <3 /plug
Ok, I'm Diane, a/k/a Shopgirl2514 on twitter. I don't post anywhere else except my FB group. I used to post at MJ's where I met some awesomely amazing Kris friends.

I had actually never noticed Kris until Top 36 (MITM). When Simon said "I think the chicks are gonna love you," I decided to watch and see if Simon was right. The rest is history because I was hooked at Top 9 (ANS). I could be Kris's mom, so my passion is a little hard to explain, but I primarily want Kris to enjoy playing music for a long, long time. And I recognize that he is very easy on the eyes. And ears. And Simon was right...about the chicks, that is.

I've been pretty active in supporting Kris in many ways since his win on Idol, and I'm happy to be a part of this effort too. On a personal note, my mom was sick for about a year, and she died 2 1/2 weeks ago, so I took a step back from my twitter/FB/Kris obsession. The hiatus made me realize I had become a little too invested in Kris's career. While it's fantastic that so many people want to help out with this street team effort (and many kudos to the organizers), just be sure to also spend time with your families, especially those of you who have children at home. They need you--more than Kris needs you. Yeah, can't believe I said that. Don't hate me--I'm just the messenger. And you know I'm right. ;)

Thanks to those of you who have taken so many videos and pics to share with the fans who have not been able to go to many (any) shows. We really appreciate them! I've seen Kris live twice (once with a 17-song setlist and once with a much shorter setlist), and I will see him again in a couple of weeks. Life is good. =)
Hey everyone, I'm Lyndsey from Mississippi (username here is my twitter name btw) - already know lots of you on there and it's good times <3

So I've been an Idol watcher pretty much all along. I drifted in and out of some seasons and was prepared to do the same for S8, little did I know... Kris had me from day one. I never expected to get so wound up in all of it and actually stayed off the internet for most of it - just watched, worried and recruited two nephews for voting duties. RL kind of still existed back then, but it's a distant memory lol.

Then on to joining _ai and then Twitter and it spiraled from there as it tends to do, you know ;)

This place is awesome, thanks to all making it a home for us to support and promote Kris as he deserves. Ready to get to work!
Welcome everyone who was recently signed up! Please check out the featured threads and check out everything you can do with the site. There's a ton of content already and we're still trying to figure out how to organize it all!

There are a couple small projects in the works so dig right in!

Elle Higgins said:


Also, Jude Law: UNF.

Emily P said:


Aimee C said:
Hi! I'm Aimee :)

:P I'll add some more things about me then.

I'm @teamaims on twitter and feel free to follow me but I sometimes tweet about Clay Aiken so this is just a warning. :) Also, I started so that LJ peeps can be updated with Kris news. Umm.. I don't know what else but I Kris is awesome and I don't mind changing my lazy ways for him!
@Michellesorta ....
well, define "obsessive/stalker-ish" some people go to every show they can, which isn't really stalker-ish. We throw around the word "stalker" a lot on the internet and it causes some problems between fangroups. I don't think going to a lot of concerts, knowing details about his schedule, voting for his songs w/e is stalkerish but it borders on obsessive. We're all a little obsessed or we wouldn't be here :)

but if all y'all start collecting his grass clippings I'ma peace out. ;)

Elle Higgins said:
@Michellesorta ....
but if all y'all start collecting his grass clippings I'ma peace out. ;)


soapy said:

Elle Higgins said:
@Michellesorta ....
but if all y'all start collecting his grass clippings I'ma peace out. ;)


soapy damn it, put those back on kris allen's lawn. our street team doesn't have the budget to replace his sod.

Elle Higgins said:

soapy said:

Elle Higgins said:
but if all y'all start collecting his grass clippings I'ma peace out. ;)


soapy damn it, put those back on kris allen's lawn. our street team doesn't have the budget to replace his sod.


*tosses grass behind back*


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