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Hi everyone on the Gray Team :-) 


I'n thrilled to be the captain of the "everywhere (else but the USA)" team.  I checked out the comments from our intro post and see that Kris has fans from all over the world that hang out here.  I'm looking forward to hanging out with you guys, talking all things Kris and doing what we can to promote Kris in our parts of the world.


I've met some of you guys online, but just to introduce myself...  I'm Amanda (@pomegranate02 on twitter - come say hi if you haven't already) and I live in Australia.  I've been a member of LP for a while now and co-ordinated the campaign which has taken on a life of it's own thanks to all of you.  I was in the US in December last year and got to see Kris do two gigs in the Bay Area and met him after the gigs - if I wasn't already sold on his talent, I would have been right then and there.


Come say hi when you have a moment, I love meeting people from new places.  Don't think I'm ignoring you if I don't get back right away, this time zone thing can make instant chats a bit hard to do...



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Still here in New Zealand enjoying all the 'new' songs, can't wait for his album.
*waves* across the sea :-)
hi!!! from Philippines saying to all kris allen fans!!
It's great to see you here Jas :DDD
Hi Donna - it's been about 10 years since I've been to London, but I still remember what a brilliant time I had there...  Great to see you!
Hi:) I'm Christine, and I'm from Norway:D Hope to meet alot of new friends here;)
*waves*  So glad you joined!  Lovely to have you here :)
Thank you:D It's awsome to be here.. I've seen so many vids from people whove been at Kris's concerts, and everyone seems to nice in this 'fandom' as I call it.. I am a Glambert as well, but I gotta admit I've loved Kris and Allison just as much.. so I'm 'Kradison' at heart, and will support all of them til the end.. I hope I will one day get to see Kris live as well.. Even if I live in Norway:(:P
I'm totally an Adam fan too :D  I never thought I'd get to see Kris play live, but a surprise trip to the States meant that I got to see him twice - you never know what will happen :D

lol - Kris came to Malaysia in Feb 2010. At that time, I'd NEVER watched AI, NEVER heard of Kris or Adam! So I missed out on Kris. :'(


BUT I caught on later and was full on board when Adam came over in Oct. \o/

Another Christine here. From Malaysia.
Hi Christine!!!!!!! Lovely to have you here :DDD


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