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Hello and Welcome to the Gray Team!!!

If you are located in one of the following states / areas, you are considered a member of the gray team...

Everywhere else!

For starters sake, we decided that all international Kris fans would be part of their own team.  While this team's progress will not be tracked directly aside the other teams, it will be included in the weekly recaps with celebrations for reaching certain milestones. 

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Am I the only member of Team gray? haha ;)
Carol said:
Am I the only member of Team gray? haha ;)

Carol, no you're probably just the first one to sign up :) I know we have fans here from Malaysia and other parts of Canada :)
I guess I belong here then!
LMAO, hello keline. I guess you do belong here :P

Keline said:
I guess I belong here then!
Hey guys, one of the things you can do to start is to make a list of radio stations in your area that would be open to playing AWM. You can provide the times that they usually take requests, and the DJs Twitter accounts if they have any, etc.
Present and accounted for.
Hi, team!

I live in Kingston, Ontario, Canada. Here's the info for the local HAC station (we do not have a Top 40 station, although this station is basically Top 40 with occasional plays of older stuff. They used to play LLWD about twice a day a few months ago. I'm not sure if they ever played The Truth - I didn't hear it. :(

98.3 Fly FM
Request by email: (I think they only take requests by email, because the "Request" link at their website leads to the email address)
Twitter: @983FLYFM (though I'm not sure if they ever check their @replies, tbh)
Facebook: (which they DO look at)
Office: (613) 544-1380
Studio: (613) 650-9800
Okay, just emailed the Music Director at the station, and said they take requests by phone and Facebook, too! :D
Seconded LOL. Go Canada, and the rest of the Commonwealth for using 'old' spelling rules :D

Orihara Kaoru said:
I live in Montreal, Canada which is one of the three major cities in Canada (the other two are Toronto and Vancouver). The particularity about Montreal is that it's truly a bilingual city. A lot of the radio stations only play French/Francophone music. A few plays only English hits, and some of the stations will play both French and English. Here is a list of the stations that could possibly play AWM if you asked them to:

1. 94.3 CKFM Radio Energie. French and English Pop & Top 40 Tel.: (514) 398-4616 /

2. 94.7 Hits FM. Top 40 + Rap Tel.: 1 (800) 947-0947 /

3. 95.9 Virgin Radio 96. Top 40 + Pop Tel.: (514) 989-2523 /


I'll include university radios here, because... we never know, right? Montreal is a city filled with students. There are 4 major universities, each of them has a radio station, including the prestigious McGill University.

1. 89.3 FM CISM University of Montreal radio station. (514)343-CISM /

2. 90.3 FM CKUT McGill University radio station. (514)398-4616 /

3. 1690 CJLO Underground Radio Concordia University radio station. (514)848-8663 /

4. CHOQ.FM University of Quebec in Montreal in French. (514)514-987-3000 /
Okey, so these are the biggest radio stations in Sweden (that I know of):

Rix FM:

Mix Megapol:



None of them even have Kris listed as an artist, but Rix, at least, lets you leave song suggestions. So I guess I'll get on that. P3 is the one I find most likely to actually play his songs, but the website is ridiculously convoluted.


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