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This is a place for all your ideas. You don't have to have the HOW part down yet, just toss things out there as they occur to you and your fellow LPs will try and come up with an action plan. When we've got some workable ideas, we'll move them into the applicable topics (Show, Radio, Video, Social Media) and get the ball rolling.


This is also a good place to talk about larger-scope things. If you've got ideas on how the group should function, how ideas should flow, another category for the site, put it down.


Remember you guys, this is the ground floor. You're part of the beginning and this is all just the framework. I want this to be the sum of all our ideas and efforts!

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I saw the tagged acoustic list and since then, I've made an effort to tag my music. I can also help with the instructions if needed. Just so you know, scrobbling from your iPod is a beast -- sometimes it works and other times it doesn't. I'm having a hard time getting mine to work. Through a stoke of luck, I was able to scrobble some 800+ songs from my iPod. Kris's plays jumped by 300 in my library. I don't know how many people know about the iPod scrobbling. Also, you can scrobble from Pandora to I've been trying to get that to work too. Oh, I added you as a friend. :)
Yup, I do all of this and sometimes the scrobbling just doesn't work for whatever reason. The Last Pandora site ( is great for getting some new music into the library but boy it can slow down fast.
I've done a draft of the instructions - do you want to have a look at it?  Can you approve my friend request here on LP so that I can send you a copy.  Is a docx ok with you?
Sure - docx is ok and LP friend request approved. :) Send it on!
Gah!  I can't work out how to attach a doc to a PM.  I'm clearly not having a good morning... There's a link to upload files here in the forum, but not in the PM message section (that I can see).  I don't want to post it publicly yet, I'm sure there are changes that need making... Could you please PM your email address?

Rock-oriented Internet Radio:

Probably people have noticed people on twitter successfully requesting Kris on NixaCountry, an internet radio station. They play his songs that are more country-influenced (AWM, IIO, SMAYA, TMYFML). They have been extremely friendly to all the Kris fans.


But for those who aren't into country, there are two other internet radio stations I've come across recently, that are into rock or a varied format, and who accept requests:


1) Purple Team alert - this station also is a southern VA station - The Detour Network at Very widely varied playlist and it would be good to get Kris on it. For the mods, you may want to check out Unfortunately, it does have to be something official that submits music.


2) Fusion Rock Radio - nominate AWM for countdown. Cook fans are doing this now for his song with some success.


Check them out and request Kris!

I'm a little on the fence about posting this (and not even sure it's the right place to put it tbh) but I thought i would and then you can move or delete if you want to. 

Libraries and Freegal.  I don't know how familiar anyone is with Freegal or if it's been discussed but it's a service a lot of libraries are using to offer 3 free music downloads a week to their patrons.  All you need is a library card.  The catalog is for the most part Sony's catalogue.  Libraries pay for this service so artist does get compensated although I don't know how much they get. They buy a certain number of downloads and then when they run out they have to buy more.

Anyway.. my point is that they have charts.. very basic charts.. but charts.  It wouldn't hurt to download an extra copy of TVOL if your library has access to Freegal..get the music out there by having it be visible on the charts. 

I'm not sure if anyone has said this already, but we can do some simple things like tag him in tumblr posts with other famous celebrities/shows/etc. For example, there's some old pictures of Kris and Bieber and people can post that with The Vision of Love soundclip, or we can post random celebs that Kris has never met and say that One Direction is their ~Vision of Love~ just to bring some awareness to other fanbases. People can apply the same general idea to twitter. 

Since there are snippets of stuff from Kris's album, people can use those in fan vids of their favorite shows and celebrities. Basically, we spread the word on Kris by infiltrating other fanbases. lol

I like this idea! It's something easy that we can do to get his name out there and attract other fan bases! :)

Yay! I was thinking the tumblr thing could be easy even if only ends up one person doing it. There's the gallery here: and the person can post the different pictures with Bieber, Demi Lovato, Keith Urban, that Maroon 5 big group picture, and all the ones he has with various idols. Maybe the same person can post it to twitter too since they have all the pictures already? If no one volunteers, I can do it but I'm not that familiar with tumblr. lol

Also, other people can just do it with celebs they like/pretend to like. For example, Carrie's album just came out and they can tweet out a pic of them together, or say they got both their albums/singles with a link to both. 

Hi new member here. :)

So I was thinking - a few days ago vevo put Kris' and Haley's videos in some kind of pimp spot. They were placed in a special queue besides videos that mainly target the teenager and young adult crowd. Demi Lovato, some boybands etc. Kris scored nearly 200k hits in about one day and about 1500 likes with only 10 dislikes or so. Well I thought maybe it's an idea to make a video about TVOL and use this video answer option on YT to put it under videos with high traffic that cater to the same target group. So I went and made a small animation vid. I'm testing it right now. I put links to the tvol mv and to the itunes page in the description. ... well I it's an idea I never said it's a good one. But worth a try? :)

Sorry for the double post. Okay so, the YT experiment is still ... well I keep swapping it. So far there are about 2-3 hits a day. Not that much but at least whoever watched it now knows that a guy named Kris Allen exists and has a new single out. ^^

So I found myself a new e-street teaming - play ground. DeviantART. :DDD Yes. I used to dabble with apophysis for quite a while and even though I'm not an apo-crack I manage to create kind okaish fractals. So I made a few and joined some communitys for fractal art. I'm attaching the TVOL YT link under every picture I upload, telling peeps that Kris' and his new song is my inspiration (well I guess he kind of is ^^). I also titled it the 'the vision of love series' and put the title in the picture too. So far the hits aren't too bad. (I make sure to thank for every fave and comment.)

That made me think. If I'm right we do have quite some artist's in Kris' fandom right? Why not use it by creating general art that is kind of linked to Kris. For example wallpaper in general. Pretty, shiny things people want to dl and use as their desktop background. Maybe with some discreet lyrics of TVOL attached. It might get people interested. I mean people like free stuff, right? Just an idea. I don't know.


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