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Since this site doesn't have a big social component, I thought it would be fun to make a thread to promote your favorite fansites, media compilation sites, and fan communities.


Provide links and share a short blurb about the communities below!



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go to my new website for kris u guys

Japanese Kris fan blog

baby pink elephant

This is really great if you can understand Japanese... :)

yutovic's blog

She has supported Kris Allen (and krisallenband) from Japan for two years,

translated Email from Little Pawns into Japanese.

def necessary one for us ;)

This is your blog? I was looking at who had linked my videos and saw this site on the list! Thought it was so cool! :)
baby pink elephant is Ritz' blog. ;) It's very cool and fun! :D

yea,we loved your videos! Thank you.

and I couldn't do blogging without your lists(@krinjalists).

Im looking forward to this year too :) 

Not so much a fan site, but my little baby, my fan twitter: @krinjalists - definitely if you are on twitter, please follow for live tweets from Kris shows, and updates on what he's doing in between.


And if you are going to any of the upcoming events in Florida, Los Angeles, or the Alive Festival, please let me know @krinjalists because those twitter lists are being put together.


Just wanted to update you all - I recently renamed Krinjalists to @KrisAllenLists - a way to keep his name out there a little more and boost its search results. And also, please tweet me @KrisAllenLists if you are going to the upcoming events.


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