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Hello and Welcome to the Blue Team!!!

If you are located in one of the following states / areas, you are considered a member of the blue team...

New Mexico

Remember that the whole concept of this project is to work together as a team.  Get to know the radio stations in your area, and get to know other Kris fans within that area.  Help each other promote Kris in any way you can.

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Finally found this "team" page. I'm team blue \0/

I'm from the Phoenix area. Will do what I can to help.
Re: Nick's suggestion to focus on Houston's Mix96.5 KHMX - I hope people are calling and texting requests into them because they are most definitely aware of the song by now. I have called in several times, twice talking to their two main DJs for a considerable amount of time, not only about Kris, but about the politics of how songs are played on the radio.

LLWD is played regularly and the station was one of the first to add it way back. They played The Truth semi-regularly for a while, but only at night, and never the Pat Monahan version, only the album version. In fact, it was weird, once when I requested TT, the DJ texted me back saying she was working on that for me, but she had to "check so see if the label would allow them to play it." This is the same DJ that talked to me on the phone a few weeks ago about the bizarre politics involved between stations and labels as far as which songs get played. Her telling me that about TT back then made me certain that everything about TT went kind of wonky.

Anyway, the station has been a pretty big supporter of both Kris and Adam - If I Had You is in heavy rotation - so they will for sure be receptive to requests. Unfortunately, as many are saying, when I call, the DJs say "I don't have that in the studio, but I'll check into it." Ugh. My frustration over that is what led to my longer conversations, lol. The other DJ is the one who hosted Kris' Live Lounge performance, and although probably a bigger fan of Adam, likes Kris.

So, last week, I e-mailed the Program Director. I had exchanged e-mails with the PD since early 2010 when, after LLWD had made heavy rotation, I sent links to concert vids and suggested/asked them to book Kris for one of their radio sponsored shows, which they did in July. The PD has changed since then, but I e-mailed her about how I had requested Kris' new single, but the DJs said they didn't have it. I again included concert links, this time for AWM, and mentioned how much I enjoyed being there when Kris was live in their studio. She e-mailed me back with "Thank you Mary, I'm sure Kris is glad to have you as a fan. I'll listen to it again."

Lol, I sort of rolled my eyes at her desultory pat on my back, and was a little bit WTF on why anyone would have to 'listen to it again' to make a decision, it's sort of an instantly catchy song, but whatever, she is at least aware of the song. I e-mailed her back with "Thanks for answering me. Enjoy this video Kris released just today for the song," and linked her to the AWM vid.

So, keep calling in for the song, and maybe e-mail the PD (I made it personal, about how I had just seen Kris in concert and how good he was and how I was hoping to hear the song on the radio) - hopefully they just need a few extra nudges.


Nick said:
Mentioned this in another thread, but I thought Id carry it over here as well...

Heavy focus might want to be put on the below station as they are CBS and CBS stations are the ones that are giving AWM consistent spins. If you are in the below area, please please please make sure to be requesting AWM.

KHMX - Houston (market rank 6)
Thanks for all that information, Mary! I think you did your duty already, emailing the program director and such. Great job linking the AWM video. Let's keep track of that station and be diligent with requests there. Even if they don't have it, we definitely see that some stations have started picking it up, so hopefully KMHX will follow.
Hey Blue Team, good job, it's not monitored - it's in Cheyenne WY - but it's a spin - from MJs:

AWM has gotten 1 spin a day during the evening on KKPL in the last 2 days
dy77-KKPL is a monitored station in Ft. Collins, CO.

This station in Hawaii has a "Video Battle" on their home webpage, with Orianthi vs. Kris, with Orianthi winning, but I saw no link or any way to vote or even check it out. Don't know if it is old news or what. They used to give TT some spins, so it might be worth checking to see if they would spin AWM. (I'm out of the country, so thought I would notify your team.) :)

Hey, everyone! I've just moved to Texas and have agreed to be the Blue Team Leader. We cover a lot of states. It would be great to get our team energized again. Let's see what we can do to find more Kris fans in our area. We want to be ready when the single and album #2 come out.

Sounds great, Christi! It would be great to have whatever radio info you have posted here for any who visit.

I heard LLWD the other day on our local mix station and was happy to see they were Kris-friendly. That bodes well for the future!

Hey everyone! I'm in New Mexico and I'd definitely love to do whatever I can to help. :)
Welcome, Nicole! One thing you can do is get other Kris Allen fans in your area to join Little Pawns. Also, get acquainted, if you're not already, with the radio stations in your area that are most likely to play Kris' music. It also wouldn't hurt to stop into stores like Target and Best Buy to ask if they have a date for Kris' new album. Even though they won't, still, they will be hearing his name and if they put the request in the system, it will show interest.

Fan from Houston, Texas. Hope I can help where ever I can.

Welcome, Dennis! One thing you can do to help is start to connect with the radio stations in your area that would be most likely to play Kris's music (Top 40 and Hot AC stations). Follow them on twitter and/or Facebook, and give them some feedback if they post polls, ask questions, etc. If they already see you as a regular listener, they might be more open to you when you start requesting that they play Kris's new music.

Another thing you can do is if you know anyone else who likes Kris and his music, introduce them to Little Pawns. 


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